wooden birdhouse

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I don’t know about you but we like to see birds in our yard. Having a wooden birdhouse can help you change your garden into an inviting place for birds to come and lay eggs.

It is just not easy to find a high-quality wooden birdhouse I found out. That was a good reason to try to find one and share it here.

My wooden birdhouse

wooden bird house

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Why I choose this wooden birdhouse

As you might know, when you have read any of my other reviews here I do a lot of research before I make a purchase or recommend anything.

The reason I like this birdhouse is that it is made very well. Here are some of the point I like.

  • Made of restored pine wood
  • Fully assembled
  • Door can be opened for cleaning.
  • Hole is big enough for many types of birds.

It might be useful for you to know the exact measurements.

  • Height 8.66 inches
  • Length 5.9 inches
  • Width 5.9 inches

What I found is that this wooden birdhouse is priced at a lower price than comparable models. I also like that it is made of reforested pine wood. This means fewer carbon footprints and eco friendly.

The stain that is used on it will not just prevent it from rotting but also give it a nice rustic look. For me, that blends in nicely with our garden.

If you are looking for a wooden birdhouse that, in my opinion, will last for a long time I recommend to have a look at the Emerging Green companies wooden birdhouse.

Another advantage of having birds in your yard or garden is that they eat a lot of bugs. When we look out of kitchen window it feels like we are looking at a living painting.


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