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red onion health benefits and nutrion

Onions have been used for medicinal use for centuries and most of the time for curing sickness related to fungus, viruses, bacteria and chronic diseases.
Even in the time of the Egyptian pharaohs the practice of healing with onions was very common.

Red onions however should get some special attention since they are a great source of cancer fighting nutrients that many people in the modern American diet need but don’t get out of their food.

There is an overall growing opinion in the researchers today that believe that up to 40% of the cancers we suffer from can be prevented with just changing our diets and food choices.

Red onions are loaded with nutrients that are linked to helping decrease risk and development of numerous cancers like stomach, colorectal, and prostate cancer.

Let’s dig a little deeper

When you think about onions in general the thoughts of smell and tears in your eyes probably pop up in your mind first. This is what most people do not like about onions. Let’s see what we can find out about the health benefits and nutrition of red onions or like some people call them purple onions.

Compared to the other types of onion like sweet Vidalia or the even much milder white onion the red onion is totally different.

Besides the flavor and of course the color a red onion will not try to make you cry as bad as the other ones do.
Red onions also have several compounds that can help to stop the growth of cancer.
The family they belong to is the allium family and they are also part of the flowering plants. Have you ever grown an onion? It is a very pretty plant.
The allium plant family is known for their high content of sulfur that contains amino acids.

Health benefits of red onions

Red onions have a very powerful detoxification benefit. The suggestion is that it increases the working of the glutathione. This is an important molecule that is made of three blocks of protein. Cysteine, glycine and glutamine.

Help with detoxifying

Just the high content of sulfur alone supports the natural ability of our body to detox itself. Sulfur has a stimulating effect on many inflammatory processes that help us heal. It also is very good in binding heavy metals in our blood and help them being flushed out. There is also a very positive effect of sulfur on our nerves, hormones, red blood cells and enzymes.

We all know that sickness is nothing else than an interference in our biological processes. This can lead to all kind of things like inflammation, tissue damage and worse.

The high content of quercetin in the red onions helps your body in removing excessive estrogen levels in your body. This great antioxidant will also have a positive effect on your liver function.

Quercetin is known as a cancer healing and preventing component.

Boost overall immunity

The nutrients found in red onions will help you boost your immune system. It contains nutrient rich and non-nutrient rich compounds that help to reduce or are antibacterial, anti-fungal and even antiviral fighters.
The high content of flavonoids is many times higher than in their family members the yellow or white onion.

Allicin in red onions is a highly concentrated antioxidant and is very effective in helping us destroy all kind of pathogens that try to weaken our immune system. This alone already is reason enough to use red onions in our diet and in this way improve our overall gut health.

Good for diabetes

Compared to white or yellow onions a red onion had the ability to help you lower your glycemic index. They release their nutrition and energy must slower than other onions and this helps to prevent a spike in your glucose level.

Maintaining a stable level in you insulin is very important for diabetes and red onions can help you with that.
This ability to lower your GI is also connected to a lower blood pressure because it increase the blood flow and preventing the hardening of the arteries by doing that.

Benefits of eating red onions daily

This all improves your metabolism and an improvement of that is linked to a better overall health and even reducing the change on and fighting cancer.

How to get more out of red onions

There are probably thousands of ways to include the red onion in your daily diet and help you boost your health. Here are a few to help you get started.

  • Slice finely and add to your salad
  • Always good on hamburger
  • Dice them and add to chicken salad
  • In your home made slaw or pickled veggies
  • Use them in your home made bone broth

Help Us! If you have a way to add red onion to your diet feel free to share it in the comment section below this post.


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