Why Does America Refrigerate Eggs

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Why does America refrigerate eggs

“Why does America chill its eggs and other countries don’t? Do you refrigerate your eggs? Do you wash your eggs?

When you go in search of eggs in foreign countries you might encounter a strange scene; eggs on a shelf amongst the nonperishable items such as bread or canned goods. Nowhere near a refrigerator!

So unlike the US where eggs are found in the refrigerated dairy aisle with the butter, cheeses, and milk.

The difference is linked to the way that eggs are farmed and processed in the US compared with the UK or other European countries.

In the US, the eggs that are destined for the supermarket shelf are washed in soapy, 90-degree water and sprayed with a chemical sanitizer before they are sold to the public.

In foreign countries grade A eggs are not washed because the process is believed to damage the outer layer of the eggshell known as the bloom or cuticle.

Without that chemical barrier, it becomes easier for bacteria to penetrate the inside of an egg.

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We have to make a distinguished difference between the farmed hen-house or free ranged chicken.

If you look at the https://eggsafety.org/ website you can read that in America it is not a recommendation but a law to refrigerate eggs.

According to them, it is to avoid salmonella contamination. As mentioned above, washing eggs before they leave the farm will remove the natural coating of the egg and this makes the shell porous.

There is a cutoff for farms with less than 3000 hens. The reason is that a Salmonella outbreak will commonly be more in larger operations.

The claim is that in other countries the chicken is vaccinated to prevent Salmonella in laying hens.

I read that there are egg farmers in America that starting to vaccinate their chicken.

In most European countries is it a law not to wash eggs, but hens are vaccinated to prevent Salmonella.

What the best Salmonella prevention is could be told by numbers and statistics.

In America yearly 140.000 people get sick from eating contaminated eggs. The symptoms are diarrhea, cramps, and vomiting.

In the European Union, there are 91.000 cases of Salmonella every year. But they are from all food sources. Not just from eggs.

My Take On Eggs And Salmonella

  • Locking up chicken in cages and feed them non-natural food and adjusting the light to make them lay more eggs is not natural.
  • Farms with less than 30.000 hens do not have to refrigerate their eggs. These eggs are mostly sold on farmer’s markets.
  • More American egg farmers are vaccinating their chicken but still wash them

If nature provides us with quality eggs from chicken why do we do things to them that make it more unnatural?

Our reason to buy free-range chicken is that they taste so much better and the chicken has a normal life. Roaming and picking around to find its food.




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  1. My daughter has several free-range chickens that produce an abundance of eggs every year. Sometimes she leaves them on the counter for several days as there isn’t always enough room in her refrigerator for all of them. This article sets my mind at ease. I was nervous about that. I’m glad to know that it’s okay.

    Do you know how long eggs keep in and out of the refrigerator?

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