wher can i buy grass fed beef

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Where can i buy grass fed beef

After writing about grass fed and finished beef in a previous post I realized how lucky we are.

We live close to, or more in the middle of, a large community with Amish and Mennonite farms and stores.

Our search for grass fed and grass finished beef started with talking to some of the Mennonites store owners.

One of them told us about a family that raises their own cows all-natural, meaning grass fed and finished.

These cows were slaughtered and packaged by a local meat market were we already bought our meat that was not natural. That market did not sell it but send it back to the farm where they sold it themselves.

When we visit their homestead farm we found out that they did not only sold beef, but also pork, chicken and eggs.

This search for natural beef is maybe not the situation you are in and you might need other options.

Buying Grass-Finished Beef Online

Many people type in grass fed beef near me and find no farms but just online stores.

I did research about buying grass finished beef online and read a ton of reviews. I have found two companies, that stand out in a crowd. I write about them in random order since I could not find one is better than the other.

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Crowd Cow Review

I have been reading a lot of reviews and opinions about the crowd cow company and what I like most is that you can choose what farm to buy from.

Before getting any deeper you can read my Crowd Cow review here and start looking around.

What Are Crowd Cow Prices

This was a question I had right from the start and to be honest, I was surprised by the affordable prices. They were not much higher than my Mennonite farmer. Delivered to your house and no driving to pick it up

What also was a surprise was the number of cuts to choose from. From hamburger meat to the more expensive Japanese Wagyu meat.

When you start looking they will instantly show you farms that will deliver to your area and this is a big time-saver while shopping.

There is a small shipping fee of $12.99 (at the moment of me writing this), per order. This means that ordering more is making it cheaper because of this fee.

Butcher Box Review

The second one I looked at is the Butcher Box delivery service. They deliver also right to your door and the meat is frozen and ready to store in your freezer.

You can read my in-depth Butcher Box review here!

They use dry ice for this and I have not read any complaints about it.

The difference with the Crowd Cow is that they do not offer individual meat, but only packages. This also means that there are no additional shipping costs.

Before getting any deeper you can find the Butcher Box website here and start looking around.

How Butcher Box Works

  • Choose your packages
  • Have it delivered
  • Store in your freezer

Butcher Box Prices

There are several boxes to choose from and they all have their own price of course.

Most boxes will cost $129 per month and have an average meal price of around $5.00. In the Custom box you can mix yourself by choosing from 21 different cuts of meat.

It is a very convenient and affordable way to have healthy meat to your door without even having to leave the house.

Beef Taste Test

I have been looking for videos about taste difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef and have not been able to find one person that says that grain-fed tasted better. Here is a video.


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Buying Meat Online – My Opinion

Since we have been buying and eating healthier grass-fed beef I try to stay away from corn-finished beef as much as I can.
Although higher in price I prefer a small piece of quality meat over a big chunk of beef loaded with all kinds of things that are not good for us.

Although you always have to be careful with any online purchase I think these two companies are safe to buy from.

Buying grass fed beef online is very comfortable to do from your computer, laptop, or phone and will save you a lot of time shopping.

I understand that the subject of buying meat online is big enough to dedicate a whole website about and I found one that does that here: https://couchpotatodelivery.com/meat/.

I personally like to keep buying from my Mennonite farmer because we build op a great relationship and they sell more than just meat.

If I, however, would have the need to buy online I will not hesitate to use either the Butcher Box or the Crowd Cow company.

If you have an opinion about where to buy grass fed beef in a store or online share it in the comments below.


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