What Is The Problem With Shoes?

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Earthing and shoes what is the problem?

There is nothing wrong with the shoe itself. They can be comfortable, fashionable, waterproof and a lot more things.

There is, however, one problem with most shoes. They disconnect us from the electrical energy of the ground by insulating us from it.

Most people go for extended periods of time without even having any type of skin contact with the ground.

Living disconnect from the planet you live on can lead to several problems with your mind and your body.

The earth and our body have in common that they both are a combination of minerals and water. Those two materials conduct electricity.

Our bodies are made to have contact and be connected to the earth. This is simple to proof with the fact that we 1300 nerve endings in every square inch of the soles of our feet.

These nerve endings are used for balance, stable walking and to help us use or feet in a coordinated way.

They are also needed to absorb the electrical energy that the earth presents to us.

What can we do to get grounded

Many people think that grounding is something only needed for electrical equipment and our houses.

Grounding is nothing else than letting your body be in contact with the earth.

There are easy ways to do this without even taking to much time. Here are a few tips:

  • Walk barefoot
  • Site down barefoot
  • Touch the earth
  • Touch a tree
  • Work in the yard with no gloves.

Walking barefeet is the easiest way to get connected to the earth and get in balance with its electric energy.

Every time to touch something outdoors with your bare skin you will get the benefits from what is called earthing.

How can earthing benefit us?

There are several studies that show the effect that earthing has on our health. In general, you can say that it will help with or reduce complaints with the following.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces stress
  • Anti -0xidants
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue

We all sleep according to the circadian rhythms that will help us regulate our day and night rhythm, hormones, mood, and energy level.

When you live disconnected from the earth these rhythms can be disturbed and cause health issues.

We are part of the earth and as a whole, this system gives us vitamin D through the sun, anti-oxidants, and minerals through the plants. The earth provides us with electrons to balance the electric systems in our bodies.

After all, all we are is a living mechanism filled with biochemical circuits that are coordinated by our central nervous system.

Did you know that the magnetic resonances of the earth vibrate at the same frequency as your heart?

That alone should be sufficient proof that we have to stay connected to the earth to stay balance with this magnetic vibration.

As you can read in this post about the earthing and grounding facts you can see that I am a big fan of earthing.

This is not just based on reading but also on experience. I am always a little skeptic when it comes to these types of claims even when they make sense.

I have done testing with my own DIY earthing mat and kept a log of what I experienced by using it under my desk.

My experience is that all the claims I read about are absolutely true.

I can understand that you don’t feel like making your own earthing mat that is why I also reviewed earthing mats on its own page to help you out.


There is nothing wrong with wearing shoes of course. But like I mentioned they disconnect us from the beneficial electricity that the earth have been giving us forever.

If you feel that using the power of the earth would benefit you try to sit or walk outside on the grass and see how you feel.

You remember the feeling you had when you walked on a beach at the ocean or at a beach? That feeling is what you get from connecting with the earth.

Let me know what you think about earthing or your personal experience.


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