What Is Organic Latex

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I am thinking about a new bed and was wondering if organic latex may be an option. That was reason enough to have a good look at it.

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Difference between synthetic and organic latex

Both types of latex come from the same source and that is the sap of the rubber tree.

Organic latex is 100% natural and does not contain any type of synthetics, pesticides, chemicals or other products that are man-made.

Synthetic latex is not 100% natural and is mixed with plasticizers that are made from petroleum.

Can you be allergic to latex bedding?

There are proteins in organic latex that have a similarity with the ones we find in food.

Examples are the proteins that are similar to the ones in Tomatoes, Kiwi, Avocados, and Bananas.

When you have a latex allergy it is very likely that you will have the same reaction to latex bedding.

Organic latex manufacturers use a lot of clean drinking water to wash out these proteins and keep them to a minimal amount.

Like always there is a catch!

Companies can call latex natural latex as soon as there is a certain percentage of natural latex in the synthetic blend.

This means that when you shop for natural latex you have to make sure it is 100% natural and not a 50% mix that is called natural latex.

You also have to bear in mind that natural latex is higher in price because of this reason. But it is worth every penny because it is more durable and comes with better health benefits.

Where can you buy organic latex bedding?

Latex mattresses are not made just of latex. They come with a barrier that can be made of several materials like cotton.

This means that you also have to look at the other materials used in organic bedding.

I have done a lot of reading and searching online and in brick and mortar stores. There was one that stood out in a crowd.

I was very impressed with the Plushbeds store.

You can read more about how I think about Latex mattresses in the PlushBeds reviews I did to help you find more information.

When you click on the banner you can have a look at their store.


The reason I like this store is that they have a large variety of products and materials to choose from.

They have mattresses made of certified organic latex and the barrier is made of 100% organic wool.

Benefits of Latex mattresses

There are several benefits of sleeping on a natural latex mattress. Latex, in general, has to following pros.

  • Mold resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Mildew resistant
  • dust mite resistant

I am starting to notice that I am getting away from the main subject of this article. Maybe because I am getting excited about the idea of having a very good and natural bed soon.

Overall I think that Latex is a good material in general but organic latex is the better quality to go for when you are more health concerned like I am.

Share your opinion, if you have one in the comment section, and feel free to contact me with any question you have.


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