What I Have Changed In The Last Years

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affordable changes for a healthier life

I have to start by mentioning that what I write here is just a kind of “Thinking upload” and not based on any research on my side. Although I do a lot of reading and always try to find the source behind claims and I do believe that my writing about health choices here is probably the truth.

To be honest I got no idea where to start but just start typing and see what comes up in my mind. just would be nice if I could type as fast as I think 🙂

I was born in 1955 in a small town and at the moment of this writing, it is 2018. So I guess you figured out that I am 63.
This town had, as far as I can remember, 2 butchers, 2 vegetable stores, 4 bakeries, 2 milk stores, and a few small grocery stores.
All the stores were within walking distance of the house we lived and we bought basically all our groceries and food in these stores.

I can not remember eating too much junk food or even candy or sodas. Soda was a treat for a Saturday night and not even every week.
Candy or a cookie maybe at night when my parents drank their coffee or sometimes after school.

I can also not remember anything about GMOs, Unhealthy food, or those things.
That probably means that we ate pretty healthy and homemade dinners every day.

Maybe that is also why I have not been a big fan of sweets throughout my life. Don’t misunderstand me I still eat an occasional piece of pie or cake.
After going to middle school and higher education I still ate home-cooked meals and that actually has not changed too much my whole life.

I started to develop an interest in more healthy food choices after reading articles about GMO food and other subjects like the effects of Monsanto and Roundup on our food. This also made me realize that I, most of the time had no idea what I put in my mount and eat.

I also realized that is not as easy as it looked at first to find the resources and information you need to make some changes in your life to become healthier.
Although I have to tell you that I am in decent shape and do not use any medication at this moment. Which is a miracle compared to many others in my age group?

When you start reading on the more well-known blogs you also see that much lesser-known, and maybe even the bigger names, in many cases copy/paste the information without doing their own research and I was not willing to do that here on Ring The Bells Of Peace.

I guess you would like to know what changes I made in the last few years after doing all this research and reading. These things have not cost me hardly any money but maybe this healthy lifestyle even saved me money.

  • I stopped drinking soda’s
  • I stopped using sugar as much as possible
  • I started using Stevia instead of sugar
  • I try to buy organic if I can afford it
  • Eat more healthy grass fed beef
  • We started our own little garden with heirloom seeds
  • Have enough sleep and bought a new mattress.
  • Get rid of non-stick cookware.
    We try to replace it with Xtrema cookware
  • No more vegetable oils
  • Drink more water
  • Stay away from my cell phone as much as I can
  • Turn of the WiFi at night

There are probably smaller things like walking more and trying to live a little stress-free by trying not to worry about things you can not change.

Why no more sugar and sodas? Sodas contain a lot of sugar and sugar is the cause of many illnesses including diabetes, heart problems, obesity, and a lot more.
Sugar feeds cancer cells and this is reason enough to stay away from it. Just use honey instead.

There are so many other things we can do to improve our health without breaking the bank.
Just use some good seasonings from a good source like Turmeric that is also known as the gold the wise man brought to Jesus. This will improve the way your stomach works and improve your immune system.

More recently I started reading more about spices. Spices have been around for decades and in many countries, they are used for healing and prevention.
I am working on a list of the benefits of spices and how to use them for a while and trying to turn them into a useful resource.
This is also a very cheap way of improving your life without breaking the bank.

I could keep writing for a long time, but you can click on one of the links in this article to read more, and feel free to contact me with any questions you have.


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