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Tylson earthing products reviewIn my earthing and grounding research I stumbled upon a small company called Tylson earthing products.
My initial thought was that this was just an other company that jumped on the band wagon and was trying to sell earthing products.
After having a better look and reading the customer reviews I found that the products they sell are of a pretty good quality.

What I liked most it that the customer ratings came from verified buyers. Let’s have a look at the Tylson earthing and grounding products.






Tylson earthing recovery bag and sheet

Tylson earthing grounding recovery bagMany athletes and travelers use an earthing recovery bag to recover faster from muscle pain, injuries and fatigue. On or earthing and grounding basics post we have a video how they are used in the tour de France.
Advantage of this earthing/grounding recovery bag is that since you use it more or less as a sleeping bag the contact service with your skin is very large.
The thing I personally like is that you can unzip and use it as a earthing sheet and use it as a top or bottom sheet on your bed.

Design of the earthing bag

  • Silver threats throughout the whole surface
  • Machine washable
  • Machine dry-able
  • Can be unzipped

Used as a earthing bag the dimensions are 39″ x 83″. This is the size of a Twin XL bed
Used unzipped as an earthing sheet dimensions are 78″ x 83″. This is about the size of a King size bed

Customer reviews of the Tylson earthing recovery bag

Tylson earthing recovery bag ratingsThe low ratings write that they did not feel any benefits of earthing and that can happen.It does not mean it is not working.

Most rating of this earthing recovery bag mention that they are happy with the product and notice several positive changes in their health.

You can read all the customer reviews here.
Or click on the picture.
Check the price here


Tylson earthing sheet

Tylson earthing sheet reviewThey call it their plush pad for earthing and grounding and an alternative to a rubber earthing mat.
This earthing sheet can be used on your desk, under your desk, around you neck an any other way you like to use it.
I have read about people using it as as a pillow cover and even just around them while watching TV.
The surface is very soft compared to a lot of the rubber surfaced earthing sheets we found and this is one of the most mentioned plus points in the reviews we read.

The dimensions of this earthing sheet are 29 x 19 inches.

Tylson earthing sheet customer reviews

Tylson earthing sheet reviewsOne of the main pro’s I found that this earthing mat is very soft and comfortable and that is why many people maybe use it as a pillow cover.
The overall trend is that people like this product and use it in a variety of ways. Like up or under a desk and even to site one while watching TV.
If you don’t like it as a pillow cover you can use it in bed to rest your feet on and this will give the same result someone claimed.

You can read all the customer reviews here.
Check the price here


Tylson grounding-earthing pillow case

Tylson earthing pillow caseA grounding pillow case might be one of the easiest ways to be connected to the earth while sleeping.
This earthing pillow case is made of 100% cotton and has a zipper for the people who like to stuff it with their own natural filling. The Silver threads are throughout the whole case and the cable can be used in any standard grounded outlet
Fully machine wash and dry-able.
A nice product for people who travel and still want their earthing benefits every night.

The dimension of the pillow case are 27 x 19 inches.

Customer reviews of the Tylson earthing pillow sheet

Tylson earthing pillow case reviewsThere are again a few people who mention no to feel the difference in using the earthing pillow case and this happens with all earthing products I reviewed. Lie I mentioned before it does not mean that earthing does not work. There were a few complaints about the quality and the Tylson company responded fast with a solution.

One buyer claimed that he used a lot of earthing products and that earthing on a pillow case worked best for him. He thinks that because it is closer to his head.
I read in several reviews that people experience this and that they felt that it worked better and someone used in combination with a fitted sheet to have the best of two products.

You can read all the customer reviews here.
Check the price here



There are a few more Tylson earthing products I will probably review in the near future. I think I will look a little more into the products that are designed to ground without the use of an outlet and use a grounding rod for that purpose. Because I read that this can even lower the numbers even more.

2 comments for “Tylson Earthing products

  1. Miki Orihara
    March 29, 2018 at 11:03 pm

    I would like to purchase Tylson Designed Grounding/ Earthing Sheet, Muscle Recovery Bag with Cord. Amazon link doesn’t have any in stock. Is it possible to purchase from here?

    • Edward
      March 30, 2018 at 8:33 am

      Miki Orihara,
      I am sorry but I am no selling these items.
      I have found one on Amazon (you can see it here)
      I have to be honest and I do not remember the price of the Tylson anymore. The one I found has a pretty steep price.
      If I was you I would wait for the Tylson to come back in stock and compare prices.
      Let me know if this helped.

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