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best Manuka honey

Manuka honey is one of the most looked up words online when it comes to honey. Many people have heard of the great health benefits of this Manuka honey, but got no idea what is the best Manuka honey and where it comes from. Even less people know that there is a lot of fraud going on and companies use the name to sell lesser quality honey under the name Manuka. This makes it every important to know where to buy the best Manuka honey.

There are grades of Manuka honey and if you do not know what grade to buy you end up paying a lot of money for a regular quality honey that you could have bought a lot cheaper at your local beekeeper. In this article I will explain all there is to know about the New Zealand Manuka honey, because I think that is the best Manuka honey available.
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What is Manuka honey? / Fraud with Manuka honey / Real or fake / Look at the label / UMF standards / Manuka honey benefits / Where to buy Manuka honey / Manukora brand / Comfita brand / Happy valley brand / Dr. Axe video


what is Manuka honey

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Manuka honey comes from New Zealand and south eastern Australia. The bees that were introduced from Europe to this area and pollinate the Manuka bush and this makes Manuka honey to one of the most beneficial and maybe most powerful honey’s in the world.
To be labeled New Zealand Manuka honey it must contains at least 70% pollen from this Manuka bush.

Fraud with Manuka honey

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Like any high priced and popular brand there are people who will take advantage of it and try to sell honey under the name Manuka that is not Manuka just to make a profit.
A method called Melissopalynology is used to determine the pollen content and this method is used all over the world to avoid fraud.

How to determine real from fake Manuka

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There are other ways to find out if it is real or counterfeit or adulterated.
The simplest ways to determine if the Manuka honey is real and not one of the fake Manuka honey brands is to look at the UMF standard.
UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor and this is a global standard to identify and measure the antibacterial power of Manuka.
There are two things to help you find the real deal.

The label on the jar

UHF label for Manuka honey

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This label proves that it is genuine Manuka honey if it contains:

  • UMF trademark
  • Is from New Zealand
  • UMF company name and license number on it
  • UMF rating number of 5 to 16+ on it

UMF rating number on the Manuka honey label

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This number is a grading system and will ensure purity and quality.
It includes the key ingredients in the Manuka honey.

  • Leptosperin
  • DHA
  • Methylglyoxal

You can read all about the grading system here:
These levels and ratings are an indication of the beneficial levels of antibacterial activity.

  • 0-4 is considered non therapeutic
  • 4-9 Compared to general honey
  • 10-14 Supports natural healing and bacterial life
  • 15 and higher is the best quality and also called medical grade Manuka honey

grade 15+ should not be taken more than a table spoon at a time.
Here is a link to all the UMF members in New Zealand.

Proven health benefits of Manuka honey

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This is where Manuka honey differs from regular honey. The nutritional benefits of regular raw honey is already great. You can read our article on that here. But Manuka honey contains 4 times higher levels of:
Amino acids, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc.
This is called UMF or Unique Manuka Factor.
I did some research and many people on the internet type in their search engine.

Where to buy Manuka honey

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Where can I buy Manuka honey is one of the most asked questions when it come to finding the best Manuka Honey. Although you can maybe find it in your local health store it is still the question if you buy the best Manuka honey and the real deal, unless you spend the time I did on finding the certified organic Manuka brands. Th Manuka honey price might be a little steep but is in my opinion worth every penny you pay for it.

I suggest to use the internet to purchase your Manuka honey. It is easier to do research on a brand and it is my experience that larger brands are not easy to find in a regular store, but easy on large sites like Amazon.

Here are the 3 best Manuka honey brands I found on Amazon

These brands are all a member of the UMF and have a license. I found the 15+ ratings since they have the most beneficial ingredients. Some brands even have the UMF 20+ ratings in their store.

Manu kora UMF 15+ Manuka honey

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Manuka is one of the certified companies to sell real New Zealand Manuka honey.
The price is a little steep, but this is the recommended 15+ rating to have the most benefits from using pure Manuka honey.
Remember not to use more than a table spoon at a time. this is a real potent honey.
Click here to find the price for the ManuKora Manuka honeye on Amazon

Comfita Manuka honey UMF 15+ New Zealand

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Comfita is the second brand we found and it fits all the criteria mentioned in our article. Again we only looked at the +15 grade to ensure the best quality and our advise is not to go under 10+. Remember our warning no to take more than a table spoon at one time.
Click here to find the price for the Comfita Manuka honeye on Amazon

Happy Valley UMF 15+ Manuka honey

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Happy Valley is the next company we recommend and is a certified supplier of Manuka honey for the United States. Again we would like to tell you that the price is high, but compared to regular or even raw honey from a local bee keeper in your area the health benefits are enormously better.
Click here to find the price for the Happy Valley Manuka honey on Amazon

Video about all the benefits of Manuka honey

This Dr. Axe Manuka honey video will tell you even more about the benefits.
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More About Manuka Honey

I found that people are looking for leptosperin benefits and this is why I found.
leptosperin is naturally found in the nectar of the Manuka plant. Because it stays stable for a long time it a very good way to find out if and how much Manuka it contains to be labeled as one of the real Manuka honey brands.

I will keep doing more research and try to find more stores and certified brands.
In that way I will prevent you and me from spending money on not certified Manuka honey.
If you know anybody that bought a “fake” brand warn them about this and lets make sure we all buy the real thing to ensure all the health benefits.


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