Take Early Signs Of Back Pain Serious

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take early signs of back pain seriousI have always had back problems as long as I can remember.
My back pain was more noticeable after starting to work. During my school years I never experienced too many problems with my back. Maybe telling my story, can help other people to prevent any discomfort with back problems like mine, and not ending in visits to the doctors or chiropractor.

I was indestructible

When I was younger and started my first job, I felt, like anyone else at that age, indestructible.
Nothing could hurt me and nothing was too heavy or big to handle.
When my supervisor tried to tell me to be a little more careful and watch myself I thought he was just old and could not do it anymore.
Stubborn as I was and maybe still are, I did not listen and did it my way.
After getting some back pain I still did not listen to what my body was trying to tell me, and what older people around me warned me of. To be honest after a warm shower and a good night rest, I usually felt better again and was ready to start all over again.

This is what changed everything

my changesThen one day, at work, I felt my back was hurting a little and like normal ignored it and my thought was to make it through the day and do my usual shower and rest to get ready for the next day.
But this day did not end like usual and at a certain moment it was hurting so bad that I had trouble with standing and even lost the feeling in one of my legs sometimes.

I talked to my supervisor and he told me to go home and see my doctor. Unfortunately I could not see the doctor until the next day. I woke up thinking about going to work instead of the doctor’s office, but while getting ready I realized that I had no option. My back was hurting too much.
After seeing my doctor he gave me a referral for a physical therapist that luckily could see me the same day.

This physical therapist was also a chiropractor and decided that my back had to be popped like most people call it.
I had heard about it but was very scared that it would hurt my back more. After all it is scary that someone will put your vertebrates back in position by pushing and pulling.
I just decided to let go and relax like he told me and get it over with.
After he adjusted my painful back and put it all in place, I felt like new again.
My muscles were soar from using them to keep my back in line.

Lesson learned

back pain lessone learnedWhat I have learned from this, and it took me about 15 years to learn this lesson, is to listen to what your body is trying to tell you with minor pains and aches.
Pain means there is something wrong. Do not wait like I did, and let it come to the point that it takes a lot more to heal then it should in the first place.
It is for anyone in the medical field like a physical therapist, a chiropractor or even a dentist, so much easier to take care of a minor problem.
What I have learned through my back problems is that I try to listen to my body and not ignore the signals it gives me. I do not mean that by every little pain or ache you should run to the doctor, but if it keeps coming back something is wrong.

Learn to listen to your body

learn to listen to your backListening to what your body is telling you through the subtle signals it sends you is very important for your health.
If I had listened at a younger age, and would have stopped abusing my back by. For example not using the right tools to lift heavy things, I think my back would have probably been in a better shape than it is today.
Nowadays I listen to my body and when it tries to tell me something I try to listen and correct what I think am doing wrong.


If you would listen to your body you can prevent maybe some things that later on would be harder to treat and or repair.

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