Super Nutrition Academy Review

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super nutrition academy review
When I started looking at the super nutrition academy and their website I thought at first this was one of the many online programs that promise a lot but do not deliver nothing else then some outdated or copied content from other programs,. It turned out that I was wrong about what many people in short call the SNA.

Yuri Elkaim was an unknown guy for me. Before I purchase anything I always try to find info on the author and this is what I found out about Yuri Elkaim.
He is an best selling author and has been on the Dr. Oz show and a very trusted health expert.
His journey started as a soccer player with health issues that brought him to were he is now as an health and nutrition expert.

Wat is the Super Nutrition Academy

The books you download is not just a random publication of random subjects. It is a 12 month journey to achieve a healthier life by making simple changes to your diet. it is not just Yuri’s experience but supported by several doctors.
Each monthly module contains 4 (weekly) separate lessons on health and nutrition.

12 Modules of the Super Nutrition Academy

  • The fundamentals
  • protein
  • Fats
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Digestion and intestinal health
  • Immunology and allergies
  • Heal your self
  • Weight loss
  • Dark side of food
  • Detoxification
  • Mind body connection
  • Super foods

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The fundamentals

This module will help you understand all the basics about carbohydrates and why the are the base of the food chain. It will tell you how they affect your health and why they are a starting point.
This module will tell you what you need to know about how the sun helps the plant build up energy and the facts about metabolism, sugar and fructose.


Do we need protein? If yes how much and what type of protein do we need? The 4 lessons in this module will help you understand the need and fundamentals of protein as a building block in our food


Fats are hard to understand and most abused in advertising food products. This module teaches you why your body needs fats and how important they are for us. After this module you will probably know more than many dietitians of even doctors who get very few lessons on nutrition during their education.

Vitamins and minerals

Another abuse commercial aspect of the food we eat. Bur after this module they can not fool you any longer. You will all there is to know about these micro-nutrients that work together in your body.

Digestion and Intestinal health

Slowly there is a more common understanding that our gut is one of the most important part to keep our immune system up and running. Here you will learn how you digestive system works and how it uses all the food you put in your stomach to keep you healthy. Colon cleansing and gut bacteria are an important part of this module.

Immunology and Allergies

Your immune system keeps you alive and is your main defense system. If your immune system is weakened you will get sick. In this part of the super nutrition academy you will learn how your immune system works and what you can do to help it. Also a deeper look at gluten and other nutrients in this section.

Heal Yourself

You can power yourself with the knowledge to take control over your health and how to fix your broken system.
You will be thought how to diagnose health problems and what signals your body gives you to tell you that.
This part will also tell you about cancer protocols that more and more people in the medical field believe in.

Weight loss and metabolism

Beside these two this part is also about hormones and how they influence your health. Weigh loss is on many peoples priority list but also hard to do without the right tools. There are physics and physiology reasons that can help you loose weight. This module will help you understand them.
There is also a large part in this module about hormones and how they can help or hurt you with loosing weight.
Menopause for women and andropause for men are common issues that are related to it.

Dark side of food

The food industry try to make us believe through all kind of sneaky ways that some foods are healthy just to increase their bottom line profits. Here you will learn all about food labeling and what it all means what is on there.
In the third lesson you will have a better understanding about the differences between organic and non organic food and what is better. There is also a walk through in what foods to eat and what to avoid in your local stores.

Detoxification and more

With being exposed to thousand of toxins every day we have to detox our body and get rid of all the chemicals and pesticides to protect our gut and overall health.
Here you will get a deeper understanding of this topic and help you define the toxins and ways to detoxify and what organs are involved in this process.
Fasting is considered a part of detoxing and will be discussed in depth.

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Mind and body connection

You can only help yourself with a healthy mind in a healthy body. One can not heal without the other.
Can what we think or say influence out health and prevent us from becoming or just make us sick?
Here you will read what science and research has found out about the connection of the mind and the body and how it can have a huge impact on your health.

Super foods

Is this a new phenomena or something we had all the time. Many foods can boost your health but we need to understand why and how. In this topic Yuri will dive deeper in this subject and how it can help us regain a disease free body.
This module brings all the topics together and reviews all of them in a way that after reading this last module you see how all the other modules work together to remove all toxins and become a healthier and happier person again.

My opinion about the super nutrition academy

After reading and reading and more reading I think this is one of the best online nutrition courses available for this low price.
This super nutrition academy review thought me also a few things I did not know or was not aware of as an option to boost my health or reverse some of the symptoms I had.
I can recommend this as helpful for everyone who likes or need to know more about how food can make you sick or make you healthy, healthier or regain your health.

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