You Still Use Energy Drinks?

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are you still drinking energy drinksI have heard several times that people claim that energy drinks are just as good or bad as coffee.
It is true that the caffeine in coffee has health benefits.
Some of the benefits are:

  • Increases your alertness.This is not surprising we all know that our cup of coffee in the morning gets us going.
    We also know that our afternoon dip can be overcome with a cup of coffee or tea with caffeine.
  • Overall health
    Caffeine can improve long term memory and increases your ability to focus.
  • Better athlete
    Yes, believe it or not. Caffeine can improve and boost your endurance
  • Headaches
    It is a common known fact that a cup of coffee or caffeinated tea can take care of a headache.

Coffee is not a miracle cure for all these things and the downside of coffee is that if you use too much it will raise your heartbeat and can cause high blood pressure, insomnia and even anxiety.
Like anything else it is a rule not to overdo it!

Synthetic caffeine in energy drinks

So, since they contain caffeine why do you think that energy drinks are not good for me?, I can hear you think.
Reason is that almost all energy drinks, and even soda’s, contain a synthetic type of caffeine.
These are made in a laboratory using all kind of chemicals.

The coffee and caffeine I wrote about earlier are made from plants. This is a natural product.

Synthetic caffeine is made in a laboratory and this is definite not a natural product.

Synthetic caffeine is known to be absorb faster in our digestive system and also gives a more sudden crash after that.

Since 1950 the coffee consumption in the US dropped quickly.
Reason is that we started drinking more and more soda and later on even more energy drinks.
This could mean that you get more caffeine in your system than you thought you did.

Facts about energy drinks

  • Fact is that on table spoon pure caffeine can kill and adult.
  • Fact is that there are hardly any regulations when it comes to synthetic caffeine at all.
  • Fact is that there is no regulation on displaying the amount of caffeine in energy drinks.

Here are some numbers about caffeine in energy drinks

  • Red Bull 8.3 ounce. 80 milligram caffeine
  • Monster Drink 8 ounces. 80 milligrams of caffeine
  • Rockstar 8 ounces. 80 milligrams of caffeine
  • Full Throttle 8 ounces. 80 milligram of caffeine.

Other ingredient are:
This is an amino acid that is also found in some foods.
There is no need to take more than your body is capable of producing itself.
Some claim that is will help with exercise performance but there is no scientifically prove of that claim.
There is also research that Taurine counteract with the effects of the caffeine and causing them to drink more for the caffeine rush they are looking for.

This is also found naturally in our bodies and in fruits. Has not shown that it has any negative effects although more long term research need to be done.

Comes from the rain-forest in the Amazon and the seeds contains more caffeine than any other plant.

Ginkgo and Ginseng

Both herbs are used in alternative medicine and can help improve memory.
Both herbs can interact with certain medication use as blood thinner and insulin.
Claims that it can help with athletic performance are not proven.

In amounts greater than 3 grams per day this can cause nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.
Research does not support the claim that I can help you recover faster from exercising.
It is naturally made in the liver and kidney to help metabolism.

Most energy drinks contain about 30 grams of sugar per 8 ounce.
This is about the same as in a regular can of soda. That sugar can be more addictive than drugs has been shown in research with rats.

Is an energy drink safe to drink?

sugar loaded energy drinksThere need to be done a lot of more research on this subject but taking in consideration that it contains so much sugar is in my opinion indication enough to stay away from them.
Energy drinks can cause a caffeine intoxication and make people feel all pumped up and not able to sleep. An irregular heartbeat is also a symptom of drinking to many energy drinks.
Sugar free energy drinks contain so called empty calories and can cause problems with maintaining a wealthy weight.

My take on energy drinks

If you still would like to drink energy drinks or energy shots that are getting more popular by the day be my guest.
I stay away from energy drinks as far as I can and get my “energy boost” from normal use of natural caffeine in my coffee and tea.
Some people think that the water in these drinks will keep them hydrated, but the other ingredients will probably dehydrate you.

There is not enough research done to show the benefits and I will not give it the benefits of the doubt.
Too many ingredient and ingredient combinations with synthetic caffeine in a amount that is not regulated and most of the time not listed on the label either.


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