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Reviews of health related products. From cookbooks to appliances.

Butcher Box Review

My Butcher Box review, will show that not all meat is created equal and so are meat delivery services. Butcher Box stands out from a lot of companies.

Medical Alert Jewelry


medical alert jewelry is a fashionable way of wearing your medical information save but also wear nice looking jewelry. Have a look at my choices.

Where Can I Buy Grass Fed Beef

TweetPin186Share169355 SharesAfter writing about grass fed and finished beef in a previous post I realized how lucky we are. We live close to, or more in the middle of, a large community with Amish and Mennonite farms and stores. Our…

Best Headphones For Binaural Beats

TweetPin124Share159283 SharesThe best Headphones for binaural beats are the ones you use. Binaural beat headphones can be used for several purposes. From relaxing and meditating to staying focused and studying. It depends on what type of beats and frequencies you…

Meditation Cushion Reviews

best meditation cushion

TweetPinShare3838 SharesIt was a lot of work doing this mediation cushion review and I hope it will help you in finding the best meditation pillow or cushion to improve your meditation session.   There are many options in the filling…