Reducing Sugar Intake With 50% In 2 steps

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2 easy steps to reduce sugar intakeWe all know that sugar is a big problem for us. We consume too much sugar and can even be addicted to sugar. Diseases like heart disease, diabetes, dementia and even cancer are related to sugars we use in our daily food. There is a very large health benefit in reducing or preferably eliminating sugar in our diet.
This is not easy since our brain is programmed over time to love that sweet taste in many of our foods

It is so easy to say you will stop using sugar, but in fact it is not easy at all.
For example, I love sweet tea and tea without sugar taste horrible.
They try to tell us that alternative sweeteners are better for us, but here are the facts.
No alternative sugar or sweetener is good for us and maybe even worse than the sugar we would like to cut down on or eliminate at all. There are at least 50 or 60 different names for sugar that we think are healthier, but are not.

The two easiest ways to cut you sugar intake in halve are in my opinion the following

  • Stop using sugary beverages

We all like our Coke, Pepsi and other soda and energy drinks, and still this is the easiest and fastest way to cut down on sugar.
Replace them with water and I realize that can be boring, so try to add some flavoring to it that does not contain sugar. I use what is called infused waters. This is nothing else than plain water and add some fruit to it to flavor it and the natural sugars in it will make it taste a lot better.

  • Quit sugary junk food

This might even be harder than stopping the use of sodas but just as effective, or even more if you are having a “sweet tooth”. Nearly 80% of the snacks have added sugars. If this is hard for, you start with reading the labels and decide what candy bar or snack you want to cut our first. Then after a week you cut out the next one and so on.

My personal experience

working bootsWhen I was working second shift there was a certain time that I craved something sweet to give me an energy boost to make it through the rest of the night, but I was not hungry.

For a long time I ate a snickers candy bar and a Pepsi for that purpose. After reading about all the health risks of sugar I decide to quit that. The first time I did not had my Pepsi and candy bar I felt low on energy and had a hard time making it through the rest of my shift. I almost gave up on the idea of cutting down my sugar intake.
Then I decided to take it step by step, starting with no candy bar but still had my Pepsi for about a week. After a week I replaced my Pepsi with milk without any problem.
I think my body was so used to that sugar rush, that it felt that it needed it. I know now it does not need any sugar at all.

It is not easy to stop using sugar

It sounds so easy if you by yourself or on a doctor’s advice, decide to cut down on sugar, but like I wrote earlier it is not so easy. You are not alone in this. Most people will only tell you when they succeed in a thing like this and not that they did not make it the first time. Do not let that discourage you. Keep following your own plan. Maybe you need smaller steps, or more time. Keep in your mind the health benefits of cutting your sugar intake in halve. That is the goal.

facts about sugar

sugar factsSugar is a very unhealthy component in our food and drinks. There are plenty case studies you can read online that will proof this over and over again. Sugar is related to so many health issues and can be just as addictive as smoking or drugs.
In my situation I found that a 12 ounce Pepsi contains 41 grams (1.44 oz.) of sugar and 44 gram (1.56 oz.) in my Snickers candy bar. Total of 85 gram or 3 oz. per day. Added it up for 5 days a week and I came to about 48 pounds of sugar I eliminated out of my diet per year.

With a step by step plan like I outlined here you can take the first two easy to take steps to eliminate almost 50% of your sugar intake.
Maybe you have another source of sugar than I did and can start with that. Try to stick to your plan and do not give up if you cannot do it all at the same time. Even small steps will get you where you want to be eventually.

I have switch to using a natural sweetener called Stevia now for a while and although I still look for the best brand I have some recommendation to start for you from Amazon.



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