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recycled toilet paper on a toilet roll holder.

When I first heard the term recycled toilet paper I frowned and a lot of strange, and not so hygenic, thoughts went through my mind.

Let me clear up one thing right from the start.

Recycled toilet paper is not made of used toilet paper.

If you are not interested in the who, what and how about this subject but just like to know where to buy it from sustainable toilet paper brands scroll down the page to see the most sold brands.

The average American uses 3 rolls of toilet paper per week and most of it comes from trees that are cut in the Canadian boreal forest.

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This forest is about 1.2 billion acres and is the largest ecosystem next to the Amazon forest.

How is recycled toilet paper made?

To make this paper the large bales of recycled paper that come from offices and other facilities have to undergo a lot of steps before it becomes the recycled toilet paper you buy in the store.

Here are the steps.

  • Recycled paper is put into a pulping machine.
  • The paper is mixed with lukewarm water.
  • This pulp is injected with air.
  • Ink rise to the top and is removed
  • Water is squeezed out by passing through rollers
  • Revolving knives cut the pulp and bleach it.
  • Spread on a screen it runs through a drier.
  • Rolled up on spools for embossing.
  • Rolls are transferred into smaller rolls.
  • Toilet paper is packed.

Recycle toilet paper brands

Like in every product there are brands that are better than others and my knowledge of this subject is not good enough to even make an estimated guess.

I am sure when you do research like I did you can find the better-known brands that I talk about here.

Where to buy recycled toilet paper

Like anything else, we are more and more buying online and there is a large section of recycled toilet paper on Amazon. Let’s have a look at some of the most sold ones.

Seventh generation toilet paper.

The Sevent Generation toilet papere is one of the most looked for brands in my opinion.This is not the only produc they sell. This 2-ply toilet tissues is made from 100% recycled paper.With being septic safe and even be useable in so called low flow toilets like in an RV you can use it anywhere.Overall it got a 4 star rating on Amazon from many buyers.Click on the picture to see the price!

Green forest toilet paper

The Green forest premium bathroom tissue is made of 99% recycled paper and that means that 10% is from not recycled paper.With no addeed fragrances and dues it can be considered Hypo-allergen.There are also no chlorines used in the manufacturin process.This brand claims that they have more, and larger sheets than any othter brand.Check the price on Amazon by clicking on the picture.

Natural value toilet paper

The natural value recycled bathroom paper claims to be made of 80% post-consumere recycled content. I am not sure what that means. Does that means recycled before even used?It contains no chlorine bleach, dyes, inks or fragrances.This tissue is made in the USA and one of the more expensive ones.Click on the picture to see the price on Amazon!

Bamboo toilet paper

Bambbo tree free toilet paper is on of the most looked up items when it comes to recycled toilet paper.It has nothing to do with recycled paper, but I though I just add it to this post since it is more about toilet paper that saves trees.The Caboo brand is made from organic Bamboo and this package is loaded with 24 double rolls.Since Bamboo does not contain any plastic it automaically makes it BPA free.The Bamboo does also need no chlorine in the production process.Click on the picture to see the price on Amazon.

BPA free toilet paper

BPA also means plastic free since, as far as I know, only plastic contains these hormon interupters.All the Bamboo is BPA free like I mentioned above and the Pure planet company claims that their toiler paper is made of tree and plastic free ingredients.The are made of Bamboo and sugar cane.Maybe I should have put this product on the Bamboo part above but I decided to put it here by itself.Click on the picture to see the price on Amazon.

FAQ about recycled toilet paper

There are questions I had and found that others also have and I will put the answers I found here.

  • Does toilet paper gets recycled?

No. toilet paper by itself is not recycled for this purpose. There are maybe composting toilets that will do that. Only the cardboard roll can be recycled and I put ours in my compost pile in the garden.

  • Is recycled toilet paper worth it?

This is something every person has to decide for themselves. It cost more money and I can not look at your wallet. I think it is worth to try and save as many natural resources as possible.

  • Is recycle bamboo toilet paper better?

If you look at this from the perspective of BPA’s I can only say yes. Bamboo does not contain any plastic thus also not BPA. If this is better is hard to answer.

The amount of BPA in toilet paper is very low and it is just how far you are willing to take this journey of toilet paper that is better for the environment.

  • Is recycled toilet paper bleached?

Much of the recycled paper nowadays is not bleached with chemicals but by using oxygen for that purpose. It is, however, depending on the source of the used paper if this method can be used.

Summary and my opinion

Recycled toilet paper or zero waste toilet paper as some people call it, and I am sure there are also recycled paper towels that have an impact on nature. There are no trees cut and this is a good thing.

Like with many products it is cheaper to buy toilet paper in bulk and recycled is no exception to that rule.

It is, however, not that this type of toilet paper is really “green”. It still costs a lot of energy and waste to manufacture it. But it is the better of the two options in my opinion since it uses 28 – 70 percent less energy.

It is a personal choice if you like to spend the extra money on recycled toilet paper, but I read that more and more Americans are willing to make these choices.

Recently I found recycled spiral notebooks that I started using and I really like them.


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