Recycled Spiral Notebooks

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lady writing on a recycled paper spiral notebook

Have you ever thought about reducing your carbon footprint while writing? With a notebook made from recycled materials, you can do so.

Recycled spiral notebooks are great to use to write in. Just as a diary or to write down positive thoughts and ideas or anything else you can come up with.

The ones I found are from the Emerging Green company and enjoy writing on them. One of the things I like most about them compared to some other brands I used that my pen flows better.

It seems to me that some other brand’s paper is a little rougher at the surface.

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3 recycled spiral notebooks

If you are looking for ways to stop wasting trees for the paper this a great and affordable way to do so. I have written before about how important it is that we use recycled material not just to lower our carbon footprint but also to reduce the number of trees being cut down and reduce the materials that are dumped in a landfill.

Eco friendly spiral notebooks on a table.

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Number Of Trees To Make 1 Ton Of Paper

I did some research and found on the website that 24 trees are needed to be cut down and processed to make 1 ton (2000 pounds) of paper.

If we realize how much paper we use for books, printer paper, and newspapers, just to mention a few, you can imagine that we have to do something to make that number a lot lesser.

By taking small steps and purchasing these recycled spiral notebooks we can do our thing to help reduce the number of trees being cut down.

Recycled Paper

Looking at the numbers it shows that on average an American use about 680 pounds of paper. The total tons of paper used is about 85.000.000 tons.

Slowly we are starting to recycle more and more paper. According to some sources I found online about 65% of the paper is now recycled and not dumped in a landfill anymore.

My take on recycled paper

If we all start using things like these Eco-friendly spiral notebooks it will help the environment and let’s be honest, every little thing will help for that.

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