President Obama Signs Food Labeling Law – Bad News

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August, 5, 2016
bad news for people who like to know what they eatLast week president Obama signed the GMO- labeling bill S.764.
This is a huge blow for the people who fight for transparent food labeling.

We like to know what is in our food to make healthy choices and eat right.
With this bill that just was signed by our President there is no way to find out easy and fast what is on the food label.


Note: As far as I know president Obama promised in his 2007 election that he would fight for food labels that contain the right information. Did Mrs. Obama not try to change the school cafeterias to use healthier food?
Here is a video where he clearly tells that.

Food companies now do not have to give a full disclosure but can get away with a QR-code on the label.

The American people have made it clear that they do want readable and understandable labels on the food they buy.
93% of the people want genetically engineered food labeled.

You need proof of that?
Look at these pages

This bill passed the Senate and the House of Representatives very easily.

Why are we in the USA forced to eat unhealthier than people in Europe and Asia?

Do we have to take a smartphone to the store now to see what the label says?
This is very discriminatory to many American since about 100 million do not have a smartphone.
Is that not a violation of the 14th amendment?

This bill does not have go into effect for another two year and there are no penalties for companies for non-compliance.

There are several states and organizations that will file law suits but the passing of this law is a big step backwards for the people in this country that have the right to know what is in their food.
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Here is a link to where you can send an email to president Obama to tell him how you feel about this.

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