Change Your Life With Positive Words

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I am a strong believer in the fact that how you choose your words can change how your whole mental state can be during the day and even slowly can change your whole way of thinking and behaving.

Change your feelings with positive words

We all know that positive thinking can influence our life drastically. There are many books and examples that by thinking positive you can, for example, help your body heal from surgery or as much as a simple cold.

This means in my opinion that by using the right words in your daily life you can also change the way you feel in general.
If you use negative words all day it can make you feel negative about things in general.
On the other side, if you use positive words you can change your feeling also in a positive way.

Here is an example of positive words

Some people say that they hate something. The word hate is loaded with negativity and will make you feel more negative.
If you, however, would rephrase it in “I do not like it” you take a lot of the negativity out of that little sentence.
The Word “not” is still a little negative but the word “like” will take away most of that negativity and turn it into a mostly positive sentence. In this way, you still make it clear what you feel, but in a more positive way.

By trying to use positive words in our daily life I think we can change the way we feel and become a more stable person that does not get upset or mad about little things. It does not mean that our personality changes, it just can make us a little calmer.

There are more examples of this kind of use of the right words. Each of us probably knows best about the words he or she uses every day that can be changed to a more positive life.

Born complainers

We all know people who complain all the time and see the dark side of everything. I try to stay away from those people because it is sometimes hard to not get caught in that spiral of negativity.
Have you ever noticed that the words they use are all negative loaded?

This brings me to the point that I believe in that you can help yourself heal with positive thinking and that the use of the right words can help you achieve this. Try to use a new word for positive change every day and see what an amazing result this can have on your life.

Just think of the last time you had a cold. By thinking that you feel miserable it will take forever to get rid of this cold. You placed a negative feeling on you cold and it will take longer to get better.

If you would just accept the fact that you have a cold and that it will take a few days to get over it, you already approach it in a more positive way.

If you would add some positive words like “minor cold” or “its just a cold” you can change it more to a positive thing and I believe this will make your healing process go faster.

I have noticed that in my morning drive to work I am able to start my day more positive most of the time. I pray on my way to work and sometimes use affirmations for a while, to start my day and do not forget my goals in life.

The power of positive thinking

One of the best selling books about the power of positive thinking is from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and is available in many versions like Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audible and Audio Cd.

power of positive thinking by dr Norman Vincent Peale

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Try it and let me know if thinking or using more positive words in your daily routine had a positive impact on your life like it did in mine.


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