Owner Manual For Your Stomach

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Owner manual for your stomachYour stomach can give of some mixed messages to your brain and make you believe that you have to eat or just not have to eat. Here are some mysteries explained about all the noises you stomach makes and what to do with it. Read the owner manual for your stomach.

First some facts about our digestive system in a time frame.

  • It takes about 2 – 3 seconds for the food to reach the stomach after you swallow it.
  • It takes about 2 hours for your stomach to empty and move the food to the small intestines

A little more than a gallon is the maximum amount of food your stomach can hold.
But if you eat so much it can make you feel overfull and even halve this amount can give you the feeling you get when you eat too much.

Why you feel so full

When we chew our food and it comes down in the stomach there are signals send to the intestine that there is food coming their way.
The way the stomach empties in the small intestines depends on the type of food we ate.
If there is fatty food the stomach will hold on this a little longer and empty slowly so the digestive system does not get overwhelmed. Here you have the explanation that a Hamburger fills us up and give us an “I am full” feeling faster.
Some people can have problems with eating all the sugars in broccoli, beans or even in Brussel sprouts or milk.
A good advice is to find out what bothers you and cut down on the portion size of these type of foods.

Am I hungry or not?

When we eat our stomach and other tissues create a hormone called leptin and this hormone tells the brain that we have ate enough and are full.
The problem with this is that if we eat lots of sugar, salt or fat food those foods trick the system of leptin and the signal does not reach the brain.
You know that feeling that after eating tow cookies you feel like eating the whole package.
A good advice is to eat slowly. This will give your brain to play catch up with the message that we had enough for right now.

Sick feeling in your stomach

Even though the acid in our stomach will kill almost all viruses that enters it some can just make it in anyway.
The stomach signals this as a toxin and will come in action.
It will tell you esophagus to relax and the muscles in your stomach in combination with your diaphragm will force the food to come out.
Throwing up might gross you out but it is the best way to get rid of this toxin.
Better than letting it go through the whole digestive system and maybe cause more problems.

What about that nervous butterfly feeling you can have

When you have to do something important like holding a presentation or a speech you will recognize that nervous feeling you can have in your stomach.
This is part of our fight or flight behavior that we still have.
Actually this is blood leaving you digestive system and sending adrenaline to higher level.
This is to make sure we can still outrun that bear or tiger like we had to do in the Stone Age.
Maybe too much in our modern time but this is just how it is.
Good advice is to take some deep breaths to calm down. If it continues try some meditation exercises.

We have to chew our food real good

Chewing is a very important part of our digestive system.
Eating too fast and not chew enough does not give the system time to add the enzymes we have in our saliva. These enzymes will boost your digestive system and help it to work better.

All together this is what we have to do

  • Chew a lot
  • Eat slowly
  • Listen to your stomach signals
  • Avoid food that bothers you

Source for this article was the Dr. Oz magazine of December 2016 and other publications about the stomach and digestive system.

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