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organic quinoa facts and benefitsThere are many questions about organic quinoa benefits that show up. Although it is now for several years that quinoa is known for being a very healthy food some people still wonder where to find and how to use it. Quinoa can be used as it is or as a substitute for rice in many recipes.

The mild flavor and this versatile use made it very popular. The nutritional facts of quinoa shows that it is high in protein, great source of fiber, an antioxidant and a superfood.

Quinoa can be bought in white, red and black. They have the same nutritional values. White is a little less bitter and red and black are easier to use in salads and other cold dishes.

Organic Quinoa or not

Opinions about the use of organic or non organic Quinoa are divided. There are articles that claim that using quinoa from a non organic source is just as good as from an organic source.

Reason according to them is that Quinoa is covered with a substance called Saponin while it grows. This is a natural pest deterrent made by the plant itself.
Although this might be true it is my opinion that farmers might still use pest and weed control next to the plants and this can come in contact with the plant and the soil.

If I have a choice for any kind of food I will try the organic over non-organic all the time. By using organic we signal to the farmers that we do not like chemicals to be used on food production. We like them to stop using chemicals and in that way make our food healthier and cheaper.

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Quinoa and gluten free

If you need absolute gluten free Quinoa it is best to read the labels real good. Some strains have a measurable level of gluten in them. If you look for a real gluten free grain than look at our Fonio article.

Quinoa and GMO

Quinoa is on the list of products and foods that are not GMO modified and there is no reason to worry about that.
I have read that there is Quinoa grown in Canada now. I guess that is also non-GMO. I prefer the product from Peru or Bolivia since by buying it from there I support the local farmers in those countries.

Where to buy organic Quinoa

buy organic quinoaAlthough many stores have Quinoa on their shelves I prefer to buy from a company I know and trust for being 100% organic.

I also like to buy online since this makes my life easier. This is the brand I recommend. It has over 1100 reviews and comes from Bolivia.

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Both will take you to the brand I like and buy.




Which Quinoa is the best

This is a hard to answer question and the answer depends on what you are planning on doing with it.
I would suggest that organic Quinoa from Bolivia or Peru is the best since I like it.
If you plan on using it for the first time buy a small package. If you are already using it buy a large bulk package and safe some money in that way.

I found a video about growing Quinoa in Peru that you maybe like to watch.

Quinoa can be used in many ways. It does not have a lot of taste and you might have to use some spices to. There are a lot of benefits from the spices you can use also.
Rice also does not have too much taste and when you replace the rice with Quinoa just used the same seasoning you always use. Quinoa preparation is very easy. Try Quinoa for breakfast or as a cereal to start your day with all the health benefits that this superfood has to offer.

More organic quinoa options

We found several high rated brands that sell organic quinoa.


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