Oolong Tea Brands

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Oolong tea is becoming in the news as a tea with many health benefits and more people are buying it for that reason. This also means that some companies jump into that market and try to get their share to make money. This does not always lead to the best quality.
Reason for me to look at the available Oolong tea brands and names to see how the people who drink this tea think about these brands.

What is Oolong tea?

Oolong tea comes from the same plant as green and black tea. The way they are processed defines the difference.

  • Green tea is not fermented
  • Oolong tea is partially fermented
  • Black tea is fully fermented

This also means that Oolong tea contains a caffeine level that is between green tea and black tea. We will have a look at the regular Oolong tea brand and the Organic Oolong tea brands.

Regular Oolong tea brands

Like always I like to find the brands with the highest customer ratings. This is to make sure you find the best ones. This does not mean that other tea brands are not good. It is just a choice I make.

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Twinings of London Oolong tea

With over 6600 reviews and an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars to give this is a very much liked Oolong tea.

The package on the picture contains 6 packs of 20 teabags. This is a total of 120 teabags.

As I mentioned in the intro this tea is partially fermented. The people who use it are very happy with it and order it over and over again.

The Twinings tea brand has been around since 1706 and this tea is rolled in a muslin sack after oxidation and this makes the leaves turn darker green or red.

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Bigelow Oolong tea

The Bigelow brand Oolong tea also comes in a package of 6 with each package containing 20 tea bags. This is also a total of 120 teabags.

Although not as old as the Twinings brand this Bigelow started in 1945 as a family business and gained a lot of trust in the world of tea drinkers.

With over 2100 people who took the time to write about their experience with this tea, you can not go wrong. Especially with the 4.8-star rating, they gave this Oolong tea.

According to their specifications, this tea comes from high elevation gardens. Individual wrapped will protect and seal in the flavor.

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Prince of peace Oolong tea

With maybe a little fewer customer reviews than the other ones but still a very good rating I think this tea should be mentioned here.

There are 100 bags in the package. This tea is also available in a 2 or 4 pack deal to save you some money.

This Oolong tea comes from the Anxi area in China. This is in the Fujian district and this is named one of the best tea areas of China.

The same tea is also available in the organic version and you can see that below. It was mentioned that this tea is one of the teas that are used in Chinese restaurants, but I can not guarantee that statement.

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Organic Oolong tea brands

Organic is preferred by many people and I am one of them in most cases. it is however hard to check how organic tea is. We probably just have to trust the companies that write this statement. If you can find any proof let me know.

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Buddha teas organic Oolong tea

This tea is available from several companies under the same brand name Buddha teas.

We could not find as many reviews as the non-organic versions but it still got a nice rating of 4.8 stars from over 75 buyers.

This tea should besides organic also be Kosher, GMO-free, and Gluten-free. Naturally sourced from China and the bags are bleach and dioxin-free and of course biodegradable.

This package contains 18 teabags and each bag is filled with 2-gram organic Oolong tea.

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Choice organic Oolong tea

This Choice organic Oolong tea is USDA, non-GMO ad fair trade certified.

The package is made of recycled materials and is bio-degradable and gluten-free. It also does not contain staples as some other brands do.

The content is 1 box with 16 tea bags that each contain 2 grams of tea. This is the standard amount of tea.
Also available in a 3 pack and 6 pack to save you some money.

Over 1750 users took the time to write a review and the average rating was 4.3 stars. This does not seem very high but I found that for some reason organic tea gets lower star ratings than regular tea.

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Organic Prince of peace Oolong tea

This is the organic version of the Prince of peace Oolong tea we looked at in the non-organic part.

This package also contains 100 individual teabags filled with 1.8 grams each. This is a little less than the 2 grams in other brands.

Over 2000 people gave this tea an average of 4.5-star rating. This makes it the number one bestseller in online stores.

Prince of peace has only been around since 1983 and this is a young brand compared to others. It has established a good name and reputation since then.
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More about Oolong tea

Although there are many health benefits of Oolong tea that are backed up by studies it is good to know that it contains a moderate amount of caffeine. Just like the caffeine in coffee does. There is also some Fluoride and this can be a problem for people with thyroid problems.

I will probably add more information about the benefits of Oolong tea here or in a separate article in the near future. One of the reasons is that I drink a lot of ice tea in the summer and would like to see if changing to Oolong tea will benefit me.

In the meantime feel free to leave your opinion about Oolong tea in the comments below.


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