New Labels For GMO Food

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We are finally getting used to see some information on food labels that show us if there are any GMO ingredients in there and now the labeling will be changed.

As far as I know there was no law that required large labels to tell if food was genetically modified, but many consumers starting to look more at label to see what they were actually eating.

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has set a standard now for labeling food that is GMO.

Here is the first paragraph of the article on their website:

The Standard requires regulated entities, which includes food manufacturers, importers and certain retailers, to ensure bioengineered foods are appropriately disclosed. Retailers who package food or sell food in a bulk container and/or display are responsible for ensuring that any bioengineered food bears a BE disclosure or that a bulk display includes signage identifying the food as BE. Importers are subject to the same disclosure and compliance requirements as domestic entities. “Very small” food manufacturers are defined as manufacturers with annual receipts below $2,500,000. Very small food manufacturers are exempt from the requirements of the NBFDS

This looks very good but like always there is a catch.
Further down you can read this:

Regulated entities have several disclosure options: text, symbol, electronic or digital link, and/or text message. Additional options such as a phone number or web address are available to small food manufacturers or for small and very small packages

This means in my opinion that just a link to a website or a phone number for more information is all they HAVE to do.

I am not saying that no company will add the new logo to their food, but I also see a problem with the logo itself.

new GMO label

I think the word Bio Engineered will throw many consumers off. We are finally getting used to the word GMO, Genetically modified and now all they have to do is use the word bio-engineered.

Do you see the green hill and nice looking green leaves?

Give me your opinion about the new labeling in the comments.



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