Everybody is talking about Microbiome lately as if it was the new miracle and the latest discovery in science.
Time to spend a little time in finding out the answers to questions “what i ours microbiome” and what does in mean means and “Where does it come from”.

If you look and read in the dictionary the word microbiome is explained like this:
“A community of microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses) that inhabit a particular environment and especially the collection of microorganisms living in or on the human body”

When you start reading some more you can find numbers that are amazing. Carl Zimmer claims that our body contains about 10 trillion bacteria and other microbes. This is what he calls out microbiome.

Most of that bacterial life is located in our gut. I was reading an article the other day that called our gut our second brain. The claimed that the communication between our gut and our brain is one of the most important functions to keep us healthy. This makes sense to me.

Our stomach get empty and tells us we are hungry by sending a signal to our brain that we have to eat.
The same thing happens with all the food we eat. Out gut sends signals to our brain what happens down there and the brain tells all the other organs what to do.

This all makes it almost logical to call our stomach and intestines our second brain.

It is just a common fact that food can have a big influence on our daily life. It can have an impact on our weight, our activities a like working, sport and even a big impact our mood.
We all have heard the term soul food and comfort food. That food is something we go for when we want to get rid of some negative feelings.

We have been disconnecting our gut and our brain by ignoring all the signals that our gut gives us.
We all know the feeling that you ate enough but keep eating because it taste so good.

In recent years there have been done more studies how the microbiome actually keeps us alive.
We would be death if we did not have the trillions of bacteria we have in and on us. We have them on our skin, in our mouth, in our ears and in our gut of course. We are on walking, talking carrier of trillions of bacteria and microbes.

This all makes it so important to eat the right food to feed our gut microbiome. Making unhealthy choices makes out gut flora unhappy or I should say unbalanced. This will have direct and huge impact on our current and future health.

Some food we eat will impact us now by feeling bloated or causing stomach ace or diarrhea. That is what happens right at the time we eat. There could however be long term effects also by eating wrong. Just think of the effect of eating too much sugar.

Another example can be the use of the wrong type of fat or oil to cook your food in.
I am a strong believer in that phrase that says “You are what you eat” but I like to expand it with “You become later by what you eat now”
Some food that taste good now can slowly have a huge impact on your health when you are aging.

Okay, back to our microbiome. All these trillions of micro-organism help us do a lot of good. They help us digest our food and transport all the nutrients to the right part of our body and to the right organs.

Our body can be compared to a car and our stomach and intestines are the motor. The fuel is what we put in there. You can’t put diesel in the tank of a car if it runs on gasoline that is how simple it is.

Here is a nice video that explains it better than I can.

There was a time that we thought that bacteria had to be destroyed. I still see people who use all kind of disinfection products to keep germs away. If we let our children play outside in the dirt they would pick up more microbes that will keep them alive and healthy. By living in air conditioned houses, cars, schools and stores we block our self from the health benefits of germs.

Question! Let me know what your opinion is about our microbiome and how it keeps us healthy and alive.


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