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A while ago I had a conversation with an emergency responder. Besides the fact that I admire and appreciate all the work they do I also learned something new that I was not aware of or actually forgot about.

Why You Should Wear A Medical ID

When an EMS arrives at the scene of an accident or another emergency one of the first thing they do is look for a medical alert ID.

The place they look for any medical ID jewelry are:

  • On your wrist
  • On your neck

They do not look anywhere else because they do not have the time for that, but more about that later.

Who Should Wear A Medical ID?

In my conversation and my research after that I tried to find out who should wear a medical ID and to be honest it was a very long list.

If you are in a hurry and would like to see some of the nicest looking medical ID’s I have ever seen I recommend you have a look at the Laren’s Hope website here!

There a several illnesses that are recommended to have a medical alert device on them.

  • Chronic medical conditions
  • Allergies
  • mental health

It makes sense to me that people with a chronic illness like Asthma, Epilepsy, Heart problems and Kidney failure, to mention a few should wear a medical alert bracelet or neckless.

Also for allergies like bee stings, dairy, eggs, latex, penicillin and shellfish I would recommend to wear one.

mental health problem like autism, Alzheimer and dementia are the other group of people that are recommended to wear them.

The 3 purposes of a medical alert ID

Most people think that a medical ID only purpose is to include medical information in case of an emergency. Although this is the most important reason there are two more in my opinion.

  • Medical Info
  • Emergency contact info
  • Fashionable jewelry.

I remember years ago when I had to spend many hours on the road I was wearing a medical ID that was useful but very ugly. Since I am a man it never bothered me too much.

It is different for a woman to wear a medical ID that is not fashionable. Luckily in the last years some companies have realized that and developed a nice line of medical alert jewelry.

How to choose your medical ID

Like I mentioned the best option is to wear an ID on your neck or wrist since that is where first responders and hospital staff looks first.

The second thing to have a good look that is a perfect fit. This will ensure you not to lose it when to lose or irritate when to tight.

The choice of material is also very important since you will probably wear it day and night. Stainless steel is the best option for daily use in rugged circumstances.

Maybe for a night out or if you work in an office you would like to wear something more fashionable like Silver or Gold.

Technology is changing fast and although a cell phone can be very helpful for a lot of things it is not suited to store medical alerts.

I have also seen small USB sticks but for the same reason, I would not recommend these.

My Takes Away About Medical Alert Jewelry

Like I mentioned it can be very important to wear a medical alert ID, but it does not have to be ugly. For woman this is probably more important then for men.

I have found this reputable store called Lauren’s hope that can help you find medical alert jewelry and I have my mind set on one of them already and so did my wife.

They have a great selection from stainless steel to silver and gold in several fashionable styles.

If you have any experience with medical alert ID’s or another tip feel free to leave it in the comments below.


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