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how to make your own DIY earthing mat

The sun gives us warmth and vitamin D. The earth gives us food, water and a surface to walk on.
When we make direct skin contact with the earth we receive a charge of energy that makes us feel better fast.
This process called earthing has been proven in many studies. An earthing mat is an easy, inexpensive way to get in direct contact with the healing power of the earth.
When I first starting reading earthing product reviews and trying to find information about the health benefits of earthing I was a little skeptical. That is just in my nature and I always look for proof when I read things like that.
I am also most of the time not willing to spend a decent amount of money on something I am not sure if it will work for me.
An earthing or grounding mat was no exception to that, so I decided to find a way to make my own grounding mat as one of the many available earthing products to see if it would work for me. That is also why I decided to publish here my own earthing mat DIY project.
Since I am working from home at the moment and spend a lot of time at my desk I decided to make one for under my desk and did some research on how to do that.

Materials needed for a DIY grounding mat

  • Piece of mesh wire about 20 x 10 inches
    1. A piece of wire
      1. 3 prong plug.

        Tools you need

        • Utility knife
        • Tie rap or duct tape
        • Screw driver for the 3 prong plug
        • Pliers to cut off the prongs on the plug

        Let’s get started to make a cheap DIY earthing mat

        Cheap DIY earthing mat

        step 1

        Take the mesh wire and use the utility knife to cut it to the size you would like to use.

        I made mine first bigger and after testing it, I cut it down to about 10×25 inches.
        That is the size they use for most of the earthing mats they offer in the stores.

        step 2

        Take your wire and cut it to the length you think you need.

        Remember that you can always make it shorter, but never longer after cutting it.

        At 1 side of the wire strip of about 5 inches of the insulation and on the other side strip of about ½ and inch.

        Step 3

        This part is very important we do not want to get electrocuted.

        earthing prong on plug

        Take your 3 prong plug and your pliers and cut of the positive and negative prong as close to the base as you can.

        Now open your plug and connect the piece of wire where you cut of ½ inch to the ground prong.
        Make sure you use the right prong or the earthing will not work.

        For a completely safe option, you can connect your wire to a metal earthing rod that is dug into the earth.

        Here are some models I found for you.

        My Amazon Picks For Earthing Rods

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        Step 4

        cut of prongs on earthing plug

        Next step is to connect the other side of the wire to the wire mesh.
        This can be a little tricky depending on your type of wire mesh.

        You should try to weave the 5 inches stripped of wire through a corner of the wire mesh
        Mine was a pretty fine mesh and I had to use my utility knife to cut some bigger holes in it. After weaving it through the wire mesh we have to secure it with tie wraps or some duct tape.

        homemade earthing mat

        I prefer the tie raps since it secures the wire a little better tan ducktape in my opinion.
        We are done and now ready to test our earthing mat and experience the benefits of the earthing.
        Plug it into an outlet that is grounded, take your socks off and put your feet on the earthing mat.


        Home made earthing made modifications

        I have tried this mat for a while to find out how it worked for me and since I liked it and found out that there are real benefits I decided to upgrade my mat by attaching it to a wooden board.

        This board cost me just a few dollars and looks better under my desk than with a towel underneath it.

        Summary of the whole process

        As you can see it is not hard to make a simple DIY earthing mat and try to find out if earthing is for you.
        After gathering all the parts I needed, it took me about 20 minutes to make it and start using it.

        I’ve been using mine for a while now and it holds up real good since I only use it under my desk.
        I have a towel under it to make sure it does not damage the flooring and to keep my feet warm.

        If you feel that a homemade is too much work or you are not a handyman you can buy a ready to go earthing mat for around 55 – 60 dollars.
        I did some earthing mat reviews and used this information to make our own earthing mat.
        Make sure to cut off the positive and negative prongs!

        I have seen videos on how to make your own earthing sheet, but have not tried that yet. I think this can be very effective since you sleep on it for about 8 hours. It just has to be comfortable.

        Let me know if this how to make your own grounding mat helped you and if you have tried this and how your experiences are with a homemade or a regular earthing mat.


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