Leather Sole Shoes Benefits

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Benefits of leather soles

Leather soles for shoes are back on the rise. Many people realize slowly that the user of rubber of plastic soles are not the best for shoes and that there are a lot of leather sole shoes benefits.

For hundreds or probably even thousands of years leather was made from the skins of animals. At first people just wrapped around their feet to prevent them from being damaged while walking or hunting and than slowly they turned into the shape of the shoes we use nowadays covering our feet in a comfortable way.

The first rubber soles go back to the 1870’s when they were made in the UK for the elite to play the sport of Croquet.
Around 1892 the Goodyear company in the USA started producing rubber soles.

It took until the 60’s that the rubber and plastic sole started to replace the traditional used leather as the most used material. Not long after that even the upper leather became replaced with these chemically made synthetic products to lower the prices of shoes.

There is a common believe that when leather soles are used the overall quality of the shoe is higher. Rubber sole shoes have been seen as a cheaper quality and this is caused by the fact that shoes got cheaper because of the use of this material.

What are the Leather Sole Shoes Benefits

If you ask a shoemaker he will tell you that leather used for soles is at first a little stiffer but after wearing they tend to become more flexible, “set” to your foot and breath better. This is a very big benefit for people who have feet that sweat.

If you ask someone who likes to dance and especially ballroom dancing, they will tel you that they slide better and give a better feeling since they fit the foot because of their ability to mold to the sole of your foot. I guess the upper leather has the same features.

Another benefit of leather soles is the fact they can be resoled when they are worn out.

It seems that most of the mentioned benefits I could find are the ones I mentioned above. I would like to add one that I think personal made me decide to use and buy more leather soled shoes.

Leather soles are better for grounding

Leather sole shoe benefits

This is totally my personal opinion and not based on science but on other peoples research and thoughts.
A rubber or plastic sole insulates us from making contact with the earth through or feet and enjoy the earthing benefits. This is in my opinion one of the many reasons that we have all kind of “luxury” related health problems.

Leather soles are also an insulator but when our feet sweat a little or the soles or the shoes get wet there is a contact between our feet and the surface of the earth we walk on. This can make a leather sole shoe into a grounding shoe.

If you have been reading this blog before you know I am a big fan of earthing and I use a number of earthing products.
since I was about 13 or 14 I did wear shoes with leather soles and later when it was fashion to start wearing tennis shoes I switched to rubber or plastic of course. since at that time I did not know better.

More recently and since I have experienced the benefits of earthing I started buying shoes with leather shoes again. I am in the process of writing a few articles about grounding shoes and what the benefits of them are. I found already that most of them have either leather soles or when they have a rubber or plastic sole use a copper wire to stay in contact with the earth’s healing power.

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