KetoMCT Review And Reasons To Use It

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KetoMTC review and how to use itMCT stands for medium chain triglycerides and these unique fatty acids are found in coconut oil and palm oils naturally. One of the main things that they can do is stabilize blood sugar and the bodies Ketone production. all together these important factors make an MCT supplement to a very powerful medium to reduce inflammation and improve metabolism. This can be very effective for weight loss and boost your brain functions. We did a KetoMCT review to see if this can stand up to the 4.8 star ratings it got


Rating: 4.8 Reviewed by Eddie
The word medium in MCT is referring to the length of the chain in this fatty acid. Most oils have a combination of short, medium and long chains fatty acids.
Without trying to get to technical fatty acids have between 6 and 12 chains of carbons and they are among others: Caproic acid, Caprylic acid, Capric acid and Lauric acid.

Most fatty acids require our gallbladder to produce bile before they can be absorbed in our system. This is a very energy demanding process that takes place in the liver.

MCT’s are very easy to digest and do not require the bile to do that. Compared to carbohydrates that will raise our blood sugar and increase insulin levels CMT’s do not raise blood sugar levels or insulin levels do to the fact that they are easily absorbed without the use of bile.
This process provides immediate energy and will break down into Ketone bodies.

What does Ketones and what are they

When it comes to energy sources the body has two major sources.

  • Glucose
  • Ketones

Most people burn glucose because they eat food high in sugar, starches and protein. When they change to low-car and moderate protein diet in combination with high fat content like popular lately they switch to fat as their main energy source.

The fatty acids are broken down in ketone bodies. The 3 major ones are Acetoacetate, Acetone and Beta Hydroxybutyric acids. These are released by the liver when insulin levels are low and metabolism is increased.

In short Ketones are energy producing molecules that are made in our body by absorbing fatty acids. They can be made form fat that is stored in our body or from Ketones. Ketones can feed every cell in out body but are a very good fuel for our brain.

Where to find natural sources of MCT’s

There are natural sources of MCT’s in Palm oil. Goat milk, Camphor tea and probably the most well know is coconut oil.
Coconut oil is the source with the highest content of Lauric acid and these are very good to help your immune system and this is why coconut oil has so many health benefits.

Keto MCT and the benefits of a concentrated oil

Pure concentrated organic KetoMCT oils are processed in a plant and contain concentrated Caprylic and Capric acids. All the other long chain fats and compound have been removed.

Caproic acid is the smallest chain and is only found in small amount in our daily food. Reason is that it can cause problems like diarrhea and other digestive problems.

Caprylic acid is only found in 8% of the coconut oil but this acid is considered the best part of MCT. It is the most potent in all anti-microbial bodies and it is amazing in destroying bacteria and yeast.
Compared to sugar that needs 26 steps before it is turned into cellular energy Capric acid only needs 3 steps.

Capric acid also a great MCT that is easy to convert into energy by our body without taking the effort of our liver and the use of Bile.
This acid has a great anti-bacterial effect and can protect us against E-coli and Candida.
There is also research that shows a reduction in inflammatory and bone tissue damage.

Lauric acid is good for about 50% of the fatty acids in coconut oil. This is the only fatty acid that relies on liver bile to be absorbed in our body.

More advantages of KetoMCT oil

  • Lowers blood sugar
  • After a dose of MCT the blood sugar drops slightly by this seems to be caused by lower glucose output and not by the body using more glucose. This is a great thing of course.

  • Absorbs nutrients better
  • Studies shown that the body absorbs more calcium and magnesium by almost 80%. This means that our body builds more lean tissue when we are using MCT oils

  • Anti seizure
  • Ketones have a very strong effect on the brain to help it fight seizures and has long been used as a treatment for epilepsy.

  • Athletic improvements
  • For many top athletes is a daily routine to make use of the power of MCT’s to improve their performance. Because of the fast absorption of this energy source the energy is almost instant available. Resulting in better performance and faster recovery.

  • Appetite and weight loss controll
  • MCT’s reduces your appetite and this can be very helpful when you are trying to loose weight and stop cravings. Studies show that a diet with high MCT reduced the calorie intake. Other studies show that people lost more weight while on a High MCT oil diet and also had more energy.

    MCT and problems

    There are always people who start using anything at the highest doses and that is never a good idea. CMT’s are no exception to this.
    Most people have no problem at all using KetoMCT c8. Use in large doses and too fast can cause problems like nausea, diarrhea or vomiting.
    If you have these problems do not give up in Keto MCT C8 just reduce your doses and build it up slow.

    Where can I buy KetoMCT

    This is a question we get a lot and although there are many places where you can buy it I recommend the KetoMCT oil on Amazon. I reviewed this product and the company and think it safe to recommend them for your KetoMCT.

    Here are some customer reviews I found for this KetMCT

    “I use KetoMCT in my coffee or tea every morning. You can also add it to your butter coffee. This gives me an energy boost to start my day and also helps me extend my fasting each day, while boosting metabolism and helping with weight control and improving mitochondrial function. I have bought a bottle to help my sister with weight control and another bottle for my father to help with his memory problems and brain function….”

    Customer ratiing of KetoMCT c8 premium

    “I am in love with KetoMCT 8 oil. It has a light quality and virtually no taste. I can add it to any food substance or liquid or even take it plain, right from the spoon. Previously, I took coconut oil for the benefit of the MCTs, but this product far surpasses the taste and consistency of coconut oil. Although I’ve only had this product for three days, I already like how I’m feeling. I’m truly happy I discovered KetoMCT 8 oil….”

    “This absolutely helps me with my metabolism. Awesome suppliment. I’ve bought it 4 times already last me around 1 month and will continue buying it. I started at 150lbs and I started a ketogenic diet plus excercise and taking this mct oil I now weigh 110lb! that took me 4 months. I didn’t beat myself about weight I just did my routine and day by day I felt lighter thus the reason I weighed myself. This absolutely boost my energy and focus. People at work want to know what I’m on hah THIS!! would definetly recommend….”

    “My husband and I use Keto MCT every day in our butter coffee. We love the boost of energy it gives us. Keto MCT was our first experience with MCT oil and neither one of us experienced stomach issues. We just started our second bottle and will continue using this product….(read more here: Find more here)”

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