Is Your Indoor Air Making You Sick?

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is indoor air making you sickOn a daily basis we breathe in and out 16 times per minute. This is 960 times an hour, 23.040 time a day, and 8.409.600 a year.
We breathe in 11.000 liters of air a day that is 2905 gallon of air every day.

This air we breathe in is circulating through our whole body to bring the much needed fuel all our organs like heart, lungs, kidneys and liver.
Without air we can only live for about 3 minutes and this makes it one of the 3 most important things we need to stay alive in combination with food and water.

The question is just if the air we breathe is clean and safe for our body or is it one of the hidden dangers that can make us sick?

Although we have filters installed in our body to filter out the larger particles in the air in our nose and mouth there are still many particles that enter our body.

Have you ever heard of the “sick building syndrome” that was discovered a couple of decades ago?
In an article on the united press international website you can read that there are a 100 times more harmful chemicals in the indoor air of new buildings than in the outside air.

Is it not strange that when we think of bad air and air pollution we see factories that has big chimneys and blow out dirt in the air or cars in a traffic jam spitting out exhaust fumes but we never really think about our inside air in our homes?

We spend more time indoor than ever before. This means that we have to pay attention to the air we breathe in while being indoor since it is a fact that there are more chemicals in our indoor air than in the outdoor air where we think it is.

Where are these indoor chemical can come from I can hear you think.
There are many things we use indoor that has a big effect on the air quality. Thing like:

  • Mold
  • candles
  • Pet hair
  • Tobacco smoke
  • building materials
  • cleaning products
  • Air fresheners

One thing we hear more about lately is the word VOC.
Voc stands for volatile organic chemicals and come from house paint we use in your house and things like carpet and furniture.
These products release gases and can contain a lot of chemicals and some of them can have short or long term health effects.

When replacing furniture or repainting your interior try to look for more environmental friendly materials and things that contain materials that are better for the air quality indoors.

There are things that we can do to improve the air quality in our houses or offices.
Here is a small list of things we can do but there are a lot more.

  • No smoking indoor
  • No chemicals in your house
  • Vacuum regular to keep dust levels low
  • Change out your air filters on time
  • Control indoor humidity
  • Get rid of chemical cleaning supplies

This is just a short list of things we can do to improve our indoor air quality and remember that we breathe in this air most of the time.

In the near future I will do a review of what are the best air filters to use in our house to make sure that even the smallest particles are being filtered out.

Better air with house plants

One of the things we can do is buy some plants that will clean the air we breathe in and out.
Here is a small list of plants that will help with this.

  • Boston fern
  • Palm tree
  • Rubber plants
  • English Ivy
  • Peace Lily
  • Golden Pothos

Since the air quality in our house is most of the time worse than outside it is highly recommended to air out your house as much as you can.
Open up a window on two opposite sides of the house and let the airflow go through your house.
Even doing this once a week for 5 minutes can already have a huge impact on the air quality in your house.


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