Is Wireless Technology The New Threat

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Is wireless technology on our cellphones and WiFi damaging our health?
lately, I have been reading about radiation and especially cell phone radiation. I find more and more articles that claim that the radiation we are exposed to every day has a negative effect on our health.
I have read articles that the intense use of cell phones can cause brain damage as much as that it can cause brain tumors. Other articles mention that men who wear their cell phone in their pants pockets have a decrease in sperm cell count and that eventually, these forms of radiation can cause men to become infertile.

Some facts that shows the bad effects of cell phones on our health

Another research done on a group of woman that wear there cell phone in their bra for convenience showed an increase in breast cancer in that same group and specially on the side they use to wear the cell phones.

QUESTION! The Romans destroyed their civilization with the help of the lead in their aqueducts that transported water to the city. Do we destroy ours by using cell phones that fry our brains?

We all know that California is one of the states with very strict rules when it comes to health and the California health official released guidelines to reduce cellphone radiation in this article you can read more and download a PDF with tips.

The tips to avoid cell phone health damage

In this article we found the following tips to prevent health problems caused by cellphones.

    1. Avoid holding your cell phone close to your head

Use the speakerphone or a headset to talk on your phone.

    1. Send text messages instead of talking
    2. When downloading or streaming keep your phone away from your body

Even when you do not use your phone it is still connecting and sending out radiation.

    1. Keep your phone in a purse or backpack

The closer to your body the more damage. Keep it as far away as you can.

    1. Less bars means more radiation

When your connection is not strong your phone will send out more RF signal.

    1. More radiation in cars or other moving object

In moving cars or trains your phone will also send out higher RF

    1. Don’t sleep with your phone near your bed

Only if your phone is off or in airplane mode it should be near your bed

Video from the university of Melbourne Australia about the dangers of cell phone radiation

This is a long video from the university of Melbourne that tells you all about the dangers of these cellphone RF’s

Is wireless technology the new big tobacco cover up?

We are banning cigarettes from young people but let them use a just as dangerous or maybe even more dangerous device every day.
Years ago we did know that smoking and tobacco was bad for us and caused many cases of cancer. The tobacco industry has tried for decades to hide these facts and is now faced with billions of dollars of fines.
Are we going to see something similar to this but then about EMF in the future?

Do we brain damage our kids generation?

We have to ask ourselves what we are doing to our kids by giving them cell phones at a very young age or let them use our cell phones to play games or watch movies. If you had doubt about anything that will threaten the health of your child wouldn’t you do anything to keep them safe from that? But many parents let their kids play on phones every day.

What I do to protect myself from Radiation

Don’t worry I am not against modern technology and have a cell phone and WiFi in my house. I just take some small steps to avoid as much radiation as I can. Here are the small steps I take every day.

    • My cell phone stays far away from me

If I can not answer on time I can always call back

  • My computer is hard wired to my internetI have WiFi but my computer is hard wired to my internet modem.
  • I tune my WiFi of at night
  • End of the day I turn my modem of for the night and do not turn it back on until l start working the next day.
  • I text more than I talk on the phone</li.
  • I use my phone’s speaker function
  • Those last two steps make it possible to keep my phone away from my head

I read an article that the use of earthing products can correct and balance the electric energy we built up during the day. You can read the facts about earthing and grounding in this article if you like to find out more.

Dr Oz on cell phone use and his tips

Dr. Oz on the effects and tips to avoid radio waves in this 2009 video and now we are even better informed but still use cell phones more and more.

An other Video that warns on the use of cellphones

Can you fry eggs with a cell phone?

I found this video from someone who claim that he fried eggs with 9 cell phones. Looks pretty convincing to me but draw your own conclusion.

There are many videos you can look up on YouTube and other channels like Vimeo that shows people cooking eggs and other things like cell phones, Ipads, and tablets.

Easy tips on how to avoid cellphone and WiFi radiation at home

My Takeaway on Cellphones And Radiation

I am not a scientist and have no knowledge of radiation or any other medical field but here is my what I call “common sense” opinion. Years ago we had no other radiation than the radio stations that we received at home or later in our cars.
Since then we have had a lot more radio signals and the number is growing rapidly. WiFi in city centers, restaurants, at home and I have even seen it at a church.
Here are some facts.

  • They use radio signals to make x-rays and the technician is hiding behind a lead screen
  • They use radiation for cancer treatments

How can anyone think that radiation from a cell phone is safe? There are tons of discussions going on about this subject and even I can predict that it will take decades before we will have a solid proof since it has to be studied over time.
I strongly believe that staying away as much as we can is the safest way to act right now.
I take the few steps I described above and try to find even more things I can do to stay away from any type of radiation exposure.

EMF Meters

EMF meters are used by many companies to find problems in electric wiring and even power-lines.
You can use them at home to read the emf of your appliances, WiFi and your Cellphone and other electronic devices.

The prices of the EMF meters vary from around 20 dollars to hundreds of dollars for the professional emf meters.

You can find a nice selection of EMF meters on Amazons and I will probably do an emf meter review in the near future since it is becoming more and more of a known fact that producers of all the electronics try to keep the fact of the harmfulness of emf radiation secret and hidden from us.

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