Does Our Immune System Hold The Answer?

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microscope in action to find a virus

Recently I have been reading more than ever about the immune system. One of the reasons is the recent flu season and, the now, all over the news, Coronavirus.

I am not going to write about these two because everybody and his brother is doing that already.

I am a strong believer that our immune system is one of the most important things we need to stay healthy. I have written several times before about it and if you use the search box you can find all the articles.

If you like to read the one I think is the best you can find it here. It will also give you more tips to boost your immune system.

But I am going to write about it again here to remind myself and the readers about it.

How to boost your immune system

There are common tips and ideas on how to boost your immune system, but here I will tell you what type of food, herbs, and supplements I take to achieve that goal.

Apple Cider Vinegar

I am not going into the benefits of apple cider vinegar since there are tons of articles about that

bottle orf braggs apple cider vinegar

My wife and I use Braggs apple cider vinegar on a daily basis.

All we do is add a teaspoon full in a small amount of water and slowly drink it or sip on it for a while.

I know that the taste is not that great, but the benefits outweigh that in our opinion.

Click on the picture or find the price here!


Maybe in the past not too well known, but now available in many stores, and becoming very popular to boost your immune system

green tea kombucha

We make our own Kombucha with green or black tea and then ferment it with sugar and a Scoby.

It is, however, time-consuming and you need some commitment for it.

If you are busy or do not want to mess with it you can have a look at all the pre-made Kombucha here!

I can add a few more immune system boosting products but these two are the ones I and my wife use daily.

Most of the time I drink Kombucha with or right after breakfast since it also boosts the amount of acid in your stomach. This will boost your digestive system and make the nutrients in your food easier to absorb.

For the apple cider vinegar I do not have a set time but most of the time I try to use it before supper since it also has the ability to help you digest your food better.

Viruses and the immune system.

I am not a doctor and certainly claim not to have any medical knowledge but I think I have a little common sense.

When I was young and in elementary school I have never experienced that a whole school got shut down because of the flu.

In recent years I have seen this happen several times in my small community.

Could it have to do with all the changes in what we eat and the number of antibiotics our children are getting compared to me?

Kids eat more “junk food” than ever before and I have seen kids getting a hot dog at the gas station before going to school.

Feel free to share your opinion with me and the readers.


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