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is sugar more addictive than drugs?

There are recent studies that have been done on rats that shows that sugar is more addictive than drugs.
Even rats that were initially made addictive to cocaine and after that had the choice between sugar and cocaine choose the sugar over the cocaine.

I have found an interview that Ty Bollinger from the truth about cancer had with Susan Peirce Thompson about this subject and you can have a look at it here.

I wrote several articles about sugar and one of them was how to cut your sugar intake in half that contains easy to implement steps to slowly reduce the amount of sugar you use each day.

We also know that sugar has a devastating effect on people with diabetes and that it can cause many more health problems for type 1 and 2 diabetes and even on people who do not have diabetes yet but are in the pre diabetes stage.

According to many studies it is now very well known that sugar feeds cancer cells and will in that way let them grow faster.

The history of sugar is not that old. Refining of sugar and make it easy for human to eat and digest is something from the last century.
Sugar works like a drug to our brain and this makes us crave more and more sugar.

One of the most important health steps you can take is down size on your sugar intake and preferably cut it our of your diet completely.
This sound easy but we all know that this is not easy to do. We all love our sugar in our coffee or tea. We like our desert or cookie at night or after dinner.

One of the steps I took is changing from sugar to Stevia in my coffee. I have not yet completely figured out how to implement it in my other food. I am just lucky that I do not have much of a sweet tooth and do not crave a cookie or dessert like other people.

Think really deep about the bad effects of sugar and try to read about it. This will probably motivate more than my my short writing here.

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