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I don’t know about you but I like to cook on the grill and use on outdoors and indoors.

There are many articles written about the health benefits of grilling versus frying and it is obvious in my opinion that deep frying food is not the best option.

Why grilling might be healthier

I am just talking about meat in this section. Cooking meat on a grill, when done the right way, is healthier than cooking it in a skillet.

In a skillet you cook it in its own fat or you add some type of fat or oil to it to cook it.

On a grill you cook it with heat and there is nothing else involved.

What to watch out for when grilling

There are many publications that mention that grilling meat can cause cancer. That is probably true but I guess it has to do with how much and how much charred the meat is.

If you grill once a week and the meat is not too much charred I think your body can take care of that. If you grill daily and your meat is very charred that might be a different story.

Tips on how to grill

After reading many article is seems to me that if you take care of a few simple things you can use your grill and cook some healthy meat.

The first thing is to make sure that you use the right meat. Grass-fed and finished is the way nature intended and I wrote on where to buy grass-fed beef before.

Second thing is to grill not right at the top of the charcoal or gas burner. This causes the drippings to fall on the fire and the smoke that this produces is linked to causing cancer. Use what is called indirect grilling. This will eliminate the drippings falling into the flame.

Is smoking a better option?

Many people have never heard of smoking meat. Just think about pulled pork. That is smoked pork.

Smoking is done on a low temperature of 225 – 25-0 degrees (Fahrenheit) and if done right there is no that much char on the meat.

I personally smoke meat on what is called a pellet grill and this does not use charcoal but wood pellets. If you like to read more about pellet grills I found a great article here.

Grilling vegetables

There are many recipes on the internet on how and how good it is for you to grill you vegetables. Personally I have grilled veggies like squash and zucchini many times and I love the taste of it.

You just have to watch the vegetables you grill since this process can go very fast and you do not want to burn them.

Grilling Food – My Opinion

I try to eat healthy and grow some of the food in our backyard as organic as possible.

I buy as much of my meat as grass-fed beef from sustainable raised farms that also finish their beef on grass and not on corn or other grains.

I do the same for pork, chicken and all other meats we eat.

Grilling food has gotten a bad rap after they discovered that the char on the meat might be linked to certain types of cancer. However, grilling meat has be done for centuries.

I think our weaker immune system is still capable of handling small amount of charred meat.

Everything we do should be done in moderation and grilling meat or even vegetable is no exception to that rule in my opinion.


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