Is Grass Fed Beef Healthier

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is grass fed beef healhthier

There is one thing we have to clarify and that is the fact that all beef basically is grass fed.

After a calve is born it needs to be fed by the mother cow, but soon it will start to eat grass. After the weening period is over, they eat grass and in the wintertime hay.

Eating grass is a cow’s normal feeding pattern and this is how it should be.

Unfortunately, a farmer needs to make money to keep his business going. That is the reason they like to add as much weight to a cow as possible before taking it to the market.

This done by taking it to so called feeding lots where they are put on a diet of corn, soybeans and other food to make them gain weight fast.

How does a cow gain weight in feeding lots

Like I mentioned before a cow should eat grass and hay. That is all! However, in feeding lots, they are fed all types of grains and we can ask ourselves if this is still natural beef like I discussed in this article.

We know that corn and soybeans are part of this and it is well known that especially these two are heavily changed with GMO and sprayed with roundup to keep the bugs away.

That means that they make the cows gain weight by feeding them food that we all should stay away from!

Here is a video from a farmer that explains the difference between grass fed and grain fed beef better than I can.

What grass fed does not mean

Grass fed is not standardized by the government, and that means in my opinion that it does not mean that it is grass fed his or her whole life.

It can mean that it only had grass for a short part of its life and for the rest was fed with corn, soybeans and other food that is not natural for a cow.

So, to answer the question is grass fed beef is healthy, we have to be honest and say that we don’t know.

There is one more thing we have to add to the term grass fed beef to make it healthy and that is the words “grass finished”

Cows that are fed grass their entire life, and have not ate anything else than grass on hay are producing the only healthy beef in my opinion.

Where to find grass fed and finished beef?

I have been looking for grass fed and finished beef for a while and tried a few farms in my area. Driving 35 miles to buy beef that is already higher priced only made it more expensive.

I am lucky to have a few Mennonite farm around us that sell their own beef and I know it is grass fed and finished.

For many people that is not an option and they have to rely on finding grass fed beef online. This can be a very affordable thing compared to driving many miles and spending time and money on gas,

I did some research and wrote an article on the subject and here is my answer to the question where can I buy grass fed beef.

Although the price is higher and it does not go on sale like in regular grocery stores I have many reasons to opt for grass-fed and finished beef.

Reasons to eat grass fed beef

  • No hormones added
  • No antibiotics
  • No pesticides from grain
  • Taste a lot better
  • Cows have a better life
  • Less methane gas

I hope you agree with me that a cow is made to eat grass and maybe some other roughage. Corn and grains can be compared to the cake and ice cream in our diet.

We all know that we should not eat it or at least no to much of it.

Eating corn and grain is not healthy for a cow. Their whole digestive system is made for grass. Corn and grains can make their PH become too acidic and this can lead to all kind of health problems for them.

I hope you agree with me that grass-fed and finished beef is better for us, the cow and even the environment. I have decided, although I love meat, to cut down and eat a small portion of quality meat instead of a large portion of meat loaded with unhealthy things.

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