I Do Not Drink Bottled Water

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I do not drink bottled waterThis statement that I have made several times is not based on facts. I just assumed that bottled water was not much better than tap water. I also do not like the plastic bottles they use in most of the cases and prefer to have my water in a glass bottle like these. I decided to dig a little deeper and find answers to questions I have and you might have also.
I have been wondering for a while why bottled water is become so heavily marketed if there is not too much difference between bottled and tap water.
I assume that there are organizations that claim that tap water is not good for us and promote bottled water. On the other hand there are organizations that claim the total opposite because of the plastic in the bottles.



Here are questions and answers I found about water

FACT? Bottled Water is Not Safer Than Tap Water
Here is the answer on bottledwater.org/

“It is important to note that purified bottled water is not just tap water in a bottle. Once the municipal source water enters the bottled water plant several processes are employed to ensure that it meets the purified or sterile standard of the U.S. Pharmacopeia 23rd Revision. These treatments can include ozonation, reverse osmosis, distillation, or de-ionization. The finished water product is then placed in a bottle under sanitary conditions and sold to the consumer”


Is it beneficial to have minerals in drinking water?

“The truth is that the majority of healthy minerals our bodies need come from the food we eat and not from drinking water. The main concern with water is actually over toxicity, not mineral content. Whether water contains 1 or 100ppm (parts per million) calcium isn’t really important, but the difference between 1 and 100ppm arsenic is of grave importance.”

How to find out if it is tap water in your bottle

water in a glass“Most states have regulated that the source of the bottle water must be clear stated to the consumers.
What you can do is look at the label or sometimes you even have to look on the inside of the cap to find out more.
If it says that the water comes “from a municipal source” or “from a community water system” you can assume this is tap water. But it probably have been undergoing more treatment in the plant like bottledwater.org claims.”
After reading a lot of information and trying to digest all of it I am still a little confused by what the standards for our tap water are and for our bottled water.
Legally I found this statement on Wikipedia. “By law, the FDA regulations for bottled water must be at least as stringent as the Environmental Protection Agency standards for tap water”
This means in my opinion that bottled water can be the same quality as tap water and it depends on the manufacturer if they added any additional filtering before bottling.
There are nationwide standards for water that all states have to apply to their water treatment plants. There are however also states that have their own standards that are most of the time a little stricter.
This still does not proof that one or the other is better.

Plastic water bottles and phthalates

Since I am also not a big fan of plastic with or without BPA I think it is better to drink tap water instead of bottled water.
The plastic bottles still contain phthalates that can leak these chemicals in the water. Although the industry tells us that is not true, there are many publications that show that phthalates do leak chemicals in the food or liquid that is in the package.

Another reason to stick with tap water

Problem with tap water is that we cannot know for 100% sure if it is safe enough to drink. The next problem is that we do not have a choice most of the time.
You are depending on what your water company delivers to your house.
They test the water at their water treatment plants. There is no proof that the lines do not leak any other contamination in it like we have seen in Flint Michigan.
The only way to find out is take a sample at your house and send it to an independent lab to test your water. There are however not too many people who go through that step.

My conclusion about bottled water

ME! “Everything I write here is my personal conclusion and nothing more than that”

I am still convinced that it is better to drink tap water than bottled water.
The quality regulations are the same for both. Only some states might have a little stricter rules, although I could not find too much information about that.

  • The problem with tap water are the lines that transport it to our homes.
  • The problem with bottled water is the plastic in the bottles and the temperature in the trucks

The temperature in the truck can warm up the plastic enough to leak phthalates into the water.
For me this all is reason enough to stay away from bottled water and in a certain way agree with people who claim that water is the most unhealthy product we use. Maybe when I can find some that comes in a glass bottle I will drink it. Since it is probably the same or maybe a slightly better quality than my tap water.
I am almost convinced that in the future we all need a water purifying system in our house because the water quality will keep declining. I will have a look at some purifying systems and write some reviews.



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