How To Get Started With Meditation

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how to get started with meditationWhen people think about meditation they often have visions of people sitting in an awkward potion with their hands open and their eyes closed.
This might be why some people never try it. Meditation is not scary and you do not have to buy anything to get started with meditation.
Just a chair, a quite place and something to time your session. This is probably the most affordable alternative health program you can join.

Benefits of meditating

There are many benefits of meditation that you can find prove of in many articles. Some of the benefits are:

  • Calming effect
  • Reduces stress
  • You need less sleep
  • Brain ages slower
  • Easier to focus and concentrate

There are many other benefits that just a few minutes of meditation will have on your life.

Kitchen chair to start with meditation

When starting with meditation I would not use anything else than a chair that will make you sit upright.
Most kitchen or dining room chairs will do.
Once you get more comfortable with mediating there are a few options to improve your sitting position.
A meditation cushion is one of the most used to sit on while meditating. They are also called a “zafu”.
This cushion is very easy to sit on in an upright position, and this will improve your meditation.
I have found one of the best rated zafu’s with almost 350 buyers and a 4.7 star rating.
A meditation bench is another option and sometimes better for taller people. You will still be forced to sit upright. A meditation bench also absorbs some weight that sometimes is applied to your legs and this will make the meditation a lot more comfortable for many people.
Here you can look at at meditation bench with 3 sizes and over 10 colors to choose from

Timer for meditation

Another thing you need is a timer. It is easy to use your phone for that. Just make sure that the radio option or any other app is turned off. You might be able to download a meditation app for this purpose.
It does not make much sense to me to buy a special timer for meditation unless you want to turn off your phone completely to make sure there are no interruptions. In that case the Pearl Salubrion Enso Zen Timer is the top quality and it got all you need, but there also cheaper options.

Two most asked questions

There are two questions that always pop up when people start with meditation. These two can be confusing to them.

  • The first one is how to sit
  • The second one is what to think of

These are also the only two things you have to worry about when you start meditating.

Sitting position

MeditationOne of the major things you have to remember is to keep your back straight.
If you are using a chair try not to touch the back of the chair and rest your back against it.
By sitting like this you will stay alert and do not have to feeling to doze off. Remember you are meditating not trying to take a nap.
You can keep your eyes open or close them. This is something you have to figure out yourself to see what works better for you. Since you are starting the meditation with concentrating on you breathing, I like to close my eyes. If you feel it makes you doze off than try to keep them open or just a little open.
Experiment and try to find what works for you.
Cross your legs in a way that you are comfortable. This is not for you if you are using a chair. But if you use a cushion or meditation bench this is what you need to do. Cross your legs in a way that you are comfortable and still be able to keep your back upright.
Look a little downwards when you meditate. If you keep your eyes open or closed does not make a difference. Just tilt your head a little downwards. This should open up the way you breathe and makes it easier to breathe in and out.

What I am trying to explain is this

Find a position that you are comfortable and keeps you in an upright position.
Less comfortable will keep you alert, but not easy to stay in that position to long. More comfortable might make you fall asleep and wonder of in your mind easier.
We are all different and you have to find the median in this and you will be okay.

How to get started with meditation

in balance with meditationDo not try to start with 30 minutes if this is your first time. Take small steps and start with 10 minutes.
7 days 10 minutes of good meditation is better than 70 minutes of trying and getting frustrated.
If you are comfortable make you session longer. I you need to take a step back go to 5 minutes.
The main thing is to focus on your breathing and not to think. This is also the hardest part of meditation. We are so used to think all the time that it is hard to turn that off.
The focus on your breathing can be anywhere you breathe. Your nose, your chest, the sound you make breathing. It is not important where but important to focus on your breathing. When you wander of try to focus again but do not get frustrated if you wander of. This is natural and will happen. You might not realize it sometimes. When you realize go back and focus on your breathing again.



Here are the steps to take

  • Find a quiet place to meditate.
  • Make sure you are comfortable and upright.
  • Set your timer for 10 minutes. Use an alarm that is no too loud.
  • Bring all your attention to your breathing.
  • Keep doing this till your alarm sounds.


What to think

It is hard not to think. One of my tricks is to focus on the lower part of my belly and focus on that part that is going up and down while breathing.
Do not get frustrated if it does not work instantly. Even when you feel that your thoughts are wondering of a lot, you still get a bunch of benefits from meditating this way.
You can reach the point that just a minute of concentrating on your breathing before a meeting, phone call or presentation can take a lot of stress and tension away and help you relax.
give it a try and let me know how you did.

Headphones for meditation

There are people who find it hard to block all the surrounding noise when they are not it a quite place.
Some of them like to use headphones that have the noise cancel option that you can also use in an airplane or even while mowing or weed eating.
There is another group that like to combine meditation and binaural beats.
We have had a look at the best headphones for mediation and what we recommend for that purpose.



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