How Safe Is Ceramic Cookware

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how safe is ceramic cookware
many people would like to change there cookware from the Teflon coated pots and pans they use to a healthier option.
I read an article that Teflon is probably one of the all-time worst cookware. The chemical PFOA is linked to cancer, high cholesterol, thyroid disease and even reduced fertility. This makes you wonder how this stuff ever got approved for use in cookware. That is why it had to be removed from all cookwares since 2015.

What is ceramic cookware?

Before I even thought about writing about Ceramic Cookware in the Xtrema cookware review I did a lot of research like I always do.
Ceramic cookware has been around for thousands of years and is probably the first type of cookware to be ever used. Reason for that is that iron has not been around for that long.
Ceramic means that it is clay that is hardened in a fire. It is true that some clay contains metals and that is why it is important to choose the right brand and find all the pros and cons of your brand ceramic cookware.

Does Ceramic cookware contain PFOA or PTFE?

The answer to this is NO. None of these two chemicals are used in ceramic or ceramic coated cookware.

What about heat?

Most ceramic cookware is baked at a temperature of 840 degrees Fahrenheit and Teflon and similar types of coatings can on handle temperatures up to 500 degrees before deteriorating.
Xtrema ceramcor is heated up to 2500 degrees for 24 hours. This makes it pass even the harshest prop 65 test of California.
This means that it has not leached any Aluminum, Cobalt, Chrome Or Nickel during this 24-hour testing. The test results were from the Xtrema ceramic skillet and in particular the 10-inch version, but it will give the same result for any other size.

So, besides the other reasons to cook with ceramic, like cooking evenly and not leaching chemicals in our food we can now also add the feature that is probably the safest type of cookware.

One word of advice is never to cook with any ceramic that is labeled “for decoration only” since that might contain lead although that standard is set to be very low by the FDA.

If you look at the other used materials for cooking like Cast iron, Aluminum, Copper and stainless steel I think that ceramic cookware from a good producer can be called the most healthy cookware to use in your kitchen.

What is the next step

I would like to replace all my cookware with Xtrema but this is something I can not afford to do in one step. This means that besides the steps we taking many other steps to stay healthy like not using vegetable oils but coconut oil instead and using herbs in combination with staying away from sugar as much as I can.

I hope you found the answer to the question if and how safe ceramic cookware is. If you have a different opinion or something to add to mine feel free to leave it in the comments below.


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