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home water filtration systems
Drink water safety has been a major issue these past years. Well there actually is a good reason for it. After all we use water almost every hour of the day and is it is not safe it can have a large impact on our health.

Bad water spells disaster for everybody, it can cause all sorts of ailments and diseases. Bad water may have dangerous toxins, bacteria and parasites mixed in them, and what’s worse is that these things are usually invisible to the naked eye. In fact, you could probably be ingesting some of it now without knowing it.

There is a way to ensure that nothing bad happens to us because of the water we use. The solution is to use a water purifier system.

A water purifier is a simple device that can be installed on water lines. It can remove bacteria and other parasites such as fungi, protozoans and worms from the water.

Some can even add trace minerals to the water, which can benefit your health, as mineral enriched water has been found to add some of the essential nutrients that the body needs and sometimes lacks in our diets.

In finding the right water purifier system, there are only two things to consider:

  • First, the amount you are willing to spend for it.
  • Second, the type of options you need.

To make it easier to decide which system is right for you there are basically four systems available.

  • Pitcher water purifiers
  • Faucet purifiers
  • Under the sink systems
  • Whole house filter systems

A search online can do wonders and safe you a trip to a local retailer or distributor who sometimes push you to decide and buy on the spot. You can check all the available options and you can easily ask for assistance since most sites have chat functions lately.

This makes it easy choosing the system that’s right for you. Your online retailer could recommend some system for you if you give them your budget and the options that you want. By doing this, you can narrow down your choice and can decide better which water purifier system you really want and can afford.

Furthermore, these retailers usually know their stuff and can get you the system you really need and a system that will work for you effectively and perfectly. That said, there really is no reason why you should continue to risk your health or the health of your loved one by possibly exposing them to contaminated water. Take care your health and think of owning a water purifier now.

Water filter pitchers

In water filters, there are several types of them, which are highly popular, affordable and usable by the majority of people. One of them is water pitchers, which is ever increasing demand of today’s world.

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You will find two more sizes in it i.e., one, which can provide eight or ten cups and second one, is which provides big dispensers holding over a few gallons. For if your family has a need for large quantities of pure, drinking water, this pitcher is recommended.
It can have many filters which sole aim is to provide fresh, pure and clean drinking water. You have to use carbon filter in it to decrease the chlorine and sediments from the water. It also contain second filter, which helps in reducing copper, and lead from the water.

It makes your drinking water so tasty and enhances its good taste. It is one of the most advanced technologies and proved to be one of the best filters, which removes much more contamination and substances from the drinking water as compared to any other water filter.

You should know that in tap or municipal water, there are large amount of visible and invisible substances, which not only cause harmful effects for your health but also reduce the healthy physical and mental growth of children.
Once you will install these pitchers in your home, you will see that it will take some time to drip from the filter into the container but you should know here that longer contact with filters increases effective and efficient filtering for your drinking water.

TIP! I personally keep a glass water jug in my refrigerator and fill this up all the time so I don’t have to wait for my water to run through when I need it.

I wrote a Brita 10 cup water pitcher review and they also have the ability to remove copper, benzene and mercury and these pitchers also give best odor and taste of your drinking water. Once you buy this pitcher water filter, you must know that you should replace filter cartridges after some time in order to get adequate, clean, fresh and pure water for drinking and other domestic usages.

Faucet water filters

Faucet water purifier filters
A faucet water filter is a necessity in all homes. Unclean and contaminated water is very much unsafe to drink as it can carry a lot of serious water borne diseases. Even with such awareness, there is still a notable huge number of people catching these diseases all over the world that are often traced back to unsafe drinking water.
These cases makes it even more important for water filters to play their part on every household.

These water filters come in various types and sizes to best match the needs of every household’s water filtration. One of the most popular and most widely used filters is the faucet water filter.

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But what is a faucet filter and what makes it effective in providing a safe and healthy drinking water in your home?
Faucet filters are considered as the miniature or smaller versions of the big carbon filters that are often used in a lot of cities. Despite its typical size, a faucet filter can still come in various sizes and different types of replaceable filters which is used to trap specific water contaminants in your tap water. A faucet filter can also be installed in three different ways such as:

  • Screwing it onto the end of your kitchen faucet
  • Tapping it into your cold water line right beneath your sink
  • The counter top version which uses a hose attachment to channel water from your faucet to the filter.

The overall performance of a faucet filter often depends on its brand. These brands also vary on the kind and amount of substances that can be filtered out from the water. But in order to ensure yourself of a best performing faucet filter, make sure that the filter is NSF-certified.

These types of filters are very much tested before being certified and are in many cases capable to clear out rust, chlorine and other serious health threats such as lead, trihalomethanes, and Cryptosporidium. Faucet filters are best for those who love to drink a lot of water, want to target specific water contaminants, and like to perform minor plumbing chores.

What makes faucet filters stand out among the rest of water filters is its clear advantage on price and convenience. Unlike any other types of filters, faucet filters cost far lesser. Its price ranges from $30 for faucet mounted model to $300 for under the sink unit.

They are also a lot easier to install especially the baseball size version that can be easily screwed to the end of the faucet. The only disadvantage from this filter is that it is most likely to dump water contaminants back into the water supply and may give your water an off taste whenever you forget to change the filter.

Under the sink water filtration system

water purifying under the sink systemAn effective way to ensure that your family is receiving filtered, purified water directly from the tap is by installing an under the sink filtration system. These systems are similar to counter top or faucet filters, but is located under the sink and directly installed in your existing plumbing system.

An under the sink filtration system can provide clean water straight from the tap, all while reducing counter-top or sink clutter.

You can install a under sink filtration system anywhere in your home that has running water. While your kitchen is probably the number one area for receiving drinking water, take into account that you also drink water from the bathroom.

Even if you use your bathroom sink just for brushing your teeth, you still are ingesting water into your body. To reduce your intake of harmful chemicals and minerals, install an under the sink filtration system here as well.
While some water filtration systems can clean and purify the water before it even enters your home, an under the sink system will also remove any contaminates incorporated into the water from the lines in your house. Your waterlines may contain chemicals such as vinyl chloride.

An under the sink water filtration system will remove any contaminates picked up from your household plumbing as well as water-borne contaminates from before the water reached your house.
An important benefit of using a water filtration system that is located under the sink is that it is hidden from view and out of the way.

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Faucet filters and counter-top filtration units are bulky and can take up much-needed and limited space. Filtration systems that are installed under the sink are in a cabinet or some kind of enclosed space, thereby allowing them to be larger and be able to handle the filtration of more water much quicker than the smaller faucet-based or counter-top units.

When deciding on what type of filtration system is right for you and your family, consider that some minerals that are necessary to human health are naturally found in our drinking water. Choose a system that will remove the harmful chemicals and toxins from the water, while keeping the essential minerals that are beneficial to your well-being. Some mineral content is always better than no mineral content to protect against mineral deficiencies and keep you healthy.

Be sure to read the package details of under the sink water filtration systems and check with the manufacturer to be sure you’re getting the best protection for your money. There are many options at various pricing levels, so researching the filtration models will guarantee that you make the wise choice for your budget. An under the sink filtration system is a great choice when it comes to making certain that your family’s drinking water is safe and clean.

Whole house water filtration system

Whole house water filtration systemsPeople who live in areas with hard water know that whole house water filtration systems make for cleaner clothes, softer hair, and better tasting water. What many people don’t know is that even in soft water areas, the resource flowing from their pipes often contains chemicals, antibiotics, runoff from farms, and microorganisms. All of these contaminants can have a serious negative effect on your health.

Whole home water filtration systems offer so many benefits. The first benefit is quite obvious: safer and cleaner water. Water treatment facilities in America by and large use old, outdated methods of filtration. In general, most of these facilities basically run water through a sieve of sand to strain out particles, then add chlorine to kill off germs.

However, chlorine is used simply because it is the cheapest sanitizer, not because it is the best method of killing microorganisms, and chlorine can cause many health problems, including cancer. Water treatment facilities cannot remove chemicals from water, and many of these substances end up in our drinking glasses. In certain areas of the country, the lead content of treated water is very high.

Un-purified tap water is not as safe as it could be to drink, and many health officials warn people that it is causing all sorts of health problems. But whole house water filtration systems give you water that is not only good to drink but better for many other things. Fish enthusiasts know that tap water can quickly kill off a prized goldfish because of the chlorine content. The same goes for delicate household plants that react to ordinary tap water. Filtered water also is better for bathing, washing dishes, and cleaning clothes because it prevents contact with harmful chemicals and makes better suds.

Because all of these activities such as drinking, cooking, and bathing consume gallons of water a day, whole home filtration systems are the best way to treat all the water your family needs on a daily basis. In fact, a home system is better than just a sink or a kitchen system because the EPA has announced that all homes in America which have indoor plumbing contain an elevated level of chlorine gas, produced from vaporized chlorinated tap water. Clearly it is in your best interest to filter out chlorine and other contaminants from your entire house.

Whole house filtration systems connect from your main water valve to your water tank, thus filtering every drop of water that enters your house. Some systems exist in the form of distillation or reverse osmosis.

Distillation passes water over a heating coil, thus vaporizing it and burning away impurities, then returning it to liquid.

Reverse osmosis forces water through a very fine membrane which traps unwanted elements.

However, both systems are expensive and have a low output of water, usually not producing enough for a typical family’s needs. Their most serious fault is that neither is extremely efficient at stopping all chemicals and other compounds from ending up in the water supply. Carbon-based filtration systems are much better than distillation or reverse osmosis.

The best whole home filtration system contains a multi-step process in which the water passes over several filters that strain out and block various elements. Carbon is the number-one substance used in purifier systems, valued for its ability to absorb odors and unwanted compounds, but purifier systems usually contain a sediment filter and other additional elements which remove all impurities from the water.

Whole house filtration systems must have have several qualities

  • They should be multi-step and pass the water through several stages in order to ensure that it is the very highest quality.
  • They should be able to work quickly enough to produce enough water for your family’s daily needs.
  • They should be relatively easy to maintain and not too expensive, costing roughly 50 cents a day to operate, as opposed to 50 cents per gallon which is what a reverse osmosis system can cost.

If you want your family to drink and bath in safe, clean water, whole house filtration systems offer you a way to line purified tap water throughout your entire house. Your hair, skin and overall health will benefit and you can rest assured that you are protecting your household from any contaminants that are lurking in the faucet.

clean water is essential for our life

My take on the many available options

Water is one of the three things we need to stay alive and we are using it all day and still water might be the most unhealthiest thing we use every day. We use it for drinking, food preparation, washing and bathing. Yet it is one of the most ignored things we can do to improve our health. Clean and pure water is a necessity in our life.

A whole house system is obvious the best option. There is however a nice price tag attached to this option. How much we would like to have this system it is something most of us can not afford. I will look into the option of maybe doing an installation in steps to spread the expenses out of a period of time.

I personally use a pitcher water filter for my daily use and keep a glass bowl in the refrigerator and try to keep that filled all the time. I use this for drinking water and making coffee and tea. I do not like bottled water either.

I am looking into a faucet filter but have not decided yet on the brand or model. I will write more about it and probably do a faucet water filter review to share my findings with you.

Since the house we live in at this moment is rented I do not like to invest in a whole house water softener and purifying system. We are thinking about building a tiny house in the future and then it will probably be part of the planning.

Overall I think we all should have at least one water filter in our house. Get a pitcher filter or faucet filter. Un-filtered water is no longer an option to use with all the health risks.

HELP! Share your opinion or experience in the comment section and help others in their search for cleaner water!


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