Home Remedies For Sun Burn

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Home remedies for sunburn
The sun is vital part of our life and without it we can not live. The sun on our skin is very important for the vitamin D levels in our system.
Vitamin D regulates the calcium and phosphor absorption and will help us maintain healthy bones.

We have been warned to stay out of the sun and use a high number sunscreen to prevent skin cancer.
Lately there are more publications that a sun screen lotion is actually bad for us and that being out in the sun does not cause skin cancer if done in moderation like anything else. It is actually beneficial for our health to have our skin exposed to the sun.

With the sun there is always the chance to get sunburn if you stay out to long. I have looked around for home remedies to help you take care of your sunburn.

Best remedy for sunburn

Best remedy for sunburn is prevention. The sun has some great benefits and provides us with a lot of vitamins. Not staying out in the sun to long is the best prevention. Moisturize your skin after being in the sun with coconut oil to avoid your skin being to dry and peel.

Place a cool compress on it

Adding some OTC hydro cortisone cream will relieve the pain and itching

Take a cool bath

Add one of the following to it to sooth the pain.

  • One cup of apple cider vinegar. This will balance the PH
  • Add some lavender. This will reduce the stinging feeling
  • Add 2 cups of baking soda. This will ease the irritation and redness.

Do not use any soap or perfumes in the bath water.

Aloe Vera

Use a lotion that contains aloe Vera. This will sooth and moisturize your skin.
You can cut of a peace of your aloe Vera plant and rub the oily inside on your skin.

Hydrate yourself

Drink plenty of water. Sunburn does dehydrate your system and these fluids have to be replaced.

Milk or yogurt

Apply cool milk on the skin. Not cold however. The protein in the milk will form a film that eases the discomfort. Yogurt will do the same but is maybe not so easy to apply.

Fresh brewed tea

Applying fresh brewed and cooled tea on your sun burned skin is a way to use the tannic acid to draw the heat out of your skin. It also restores the PH balance. By adding some fresh mint the cooling effect will increase even more.


The natural anti-oxidants in cucumbers will help your skin. Chill the cucumbers and then make a paste out of them in a blender. This also works to reduce the peeling of the skin after a sun burn.

Mashed potatoes

If you boil and mash potatoes and apply this to the skin it is believed that potatoes contain starch that will draw out the heat and speed up the healing of the skin.
Cornstarch is also mentioned as having the same effect.

Keep it cool

Turn down the AC in your house to keep the temperature low. It will help your skin to stay cooler and draw out the heat.

These home remedies will help you ease the burning and relieve the pain of a sunburn. Remember that the best thing is to prevent getting sunburn.

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