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Our home is part of our total health. Tips on how to improve this.

What Is Organic Latex

Organic latex is made from the sap of a rubber tree and does not contain any man-made products like synthetics, pesticides, herbicides or chemicals.

Diffuser For A Large Room

TweetPinShare0 SharesA diffuser for a large room is not the same as one of the regular-sized models. They have a larger capacity tank to make sure they can fill the entire room with the essential oil fragrance or humidity without…

Ceramic Cookware Pros and Cons

TweetPin1Share34 SharesCeramic cookware can help you cook some healthy meat without the use of any chemical coated cooking surface. I had some question about the pros and cons and the answers I found might help you also. Ceramic cookware has…

Home Radon Test

TweetPinShare44 Shares Do you need a home radon test? This question is hard to answer, but with the US EPA estimating that nearly one in every three houses have high radon levels it might be a good idea to have…