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Multiple Sclerosis and MS Hope

TweetPinShare44 SharesThe first time is was confronted with the devastating results of someone having MS was after I met my wife. Her mother was diagnosed years earlier and was in bed or in a wheel chair all the time. She past away a few years later of the complications that are a result of this …

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Do We Need 5G Internet

TweetPinShare55 SharesI was just reading some more about the upcoming 5G towers all over the county and I wondered if we really need it. To be honest the more I read the more confused I got. The only thing I understood is that it will make internet faster than it is already. My internet speed …

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Glass Milk Bottles

TweetPin1Share12 SharesGlass milk bottles can be use for a lot more things than just put milk in it.   If you have been reading some of the post on this website you probably know I am not crazy about using plastic for drinking or anything else.   Slowly me and my wife are replacing all …

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Best Headphones For Binaural Beats

TweetPin124Share159283 SharesThe best Headphones for binaural beats are the ones you use. Binaural beat headphones can be used for several purposes. From relaxing and meditating to staying focused and studying. It depends on what type of beats and frequencies you use them to decide what are the best stereo headphones for the binaural beats you …

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