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Do We Need 5G Internet

I was just reading some more about the upcoming 5G towers all over the county and I wondered if we really need it. To be honest the more I read the more confused I got. The only thing I understood is that it will make internet faster than it is already. My internet speed We …

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Improve Your Health For Free

There are a lot of people who claim that living a healthy life is too expensive and they can not afford it. Reason for met to give a thought and see what I can come up with that would cost no money but have a positive impact on your life. I can actually make this list very …

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Glass Milk Bottles

Glass milk bottles can be use for a lot more things than just put milk in it.   If you have been reading some of the post on this website you probably know I am not crazy about using plastic for drinking or anything else.   Slowly me and my wife are replacing all types …

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