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Fonio Grain – Is It A New Superfood?

Fonio grain - facts and where to buy Fonio.

Before getting into the nutritional values of Fonio grain we have to answer some questions first. What is Fonio? Fonio is like a kind of millet with a nutty flavor comparable to Quinoa. It can be considered a cross between…

Natural Honeycomb Nutrition Facts

honeycomb nutrition facts

There are not a lot of people who know about the health benefits of eating a honeycomb. It does no always look to appetizing, but can can have some great benefits for our digestive system with its extra dietary fiber…

Diabetes Information

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On our diabetes page we provide information about and links to reviews and products to manage your diabetes in a better way.       Diabetes is fast growing problem. The statistics for the United States show some high numbers.…

Early Signs Of Diabetes

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It is not easy to know if your symptoms are related to diabetes or not. Some of them might be so mild that you do not even notice them. If you have a family history it is very important to…