Earthing and Grounding shoes

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earthing and grounding shoes

You can find all the information about earthing and grounding shoes here. There are more and more companies that jump on the bandwagon and claim they have grounded footwear in their store. Let us have a look at some things that determine if it can even be called that.

Shoes can be used as an earthing product and probably have been the way we stayed connected to the earth and had the advantage from its potential without knowing it.

Let’s think back a few decades. In the 50’s last century most men and woman wore shoes that had leather soles and without realizing it they were connected and grounded that way. That was one of the benefits of leather soles. Maybe they did not grounded as well as walking bare feet but better than we do know with our synthetic and rubber under our feet.

Reason is that after that the use of rubber and even plastic soles became more the norm for most footwear. These two materials have a very good insulating factor and disconnected us from having contact with the earth.

TIP! leather soles do help with grounding but only after they have been worn for a while and absorbed moisture.

Benefits of earthing

It does not matter if you call it earthing or grounding it is basically the same thing. The advantages is that we by using the earth’s electric potential for our own electric potential to get in balance with the earth. This will lower the electricity in our body and it will have many health benefits like:

  • Sleeping better
  • More focused
  • Less stress
  • Reduce health problems

This are just a few of the benefits and you can find dozens of publications online with supported medical proof that earthing is beneficial for our health.

What make shoes earthing and grounding shoes

The best way to describe this is by telling what earthing is doing.
Earthing in electrical terms protects any product from damage caused by electrical shocks such as power surges.
For our body, this means that all the electricity we get in our body by walking not connected but insulated from the earth cannot go anywhere but stay in our body and can so some damage there.

MY DEFINITION! Grounding footwear should take all that electricity in our system and with being connected to the earth through them bring that back in balance as if we were walking barefoot

That means that leather sole shoe benefits are limited and can in my opinion not be called a grounding shoe, although they are doing better than the rubber and plastic of course.

Where can I buy earthing and grounding shoes

This is a high volume search on the internet and not easy to answer since it depends in my opinion what kind of shoe you are looking for.
I did a lot of searching and researching and found a lot of good shoes that I will share with you. Every time I had the change to look in any shoe store I tried to find a natural earth shoe or grounding shoe with copper in there, but have never found them. I think that most of them are sold online and lots of people look for earth shoes on Amazon. It seems to me that this is the kind of shoe with the negative heel and not grounding shoes.

Earth runners

This might well be the most known name in these so-called barefoot running shoes and many even claim that the make the best. As far as I know,w they only sell them in their own online store.

Here is a video from Michael Sanders from the “RunBare” who tells about all the good things that happen to us when we use conductive shoes for walking and running. Although he runs barefoot.


There earthrunner shop offers a variety of their sandals in all regular sizes. All have the fast drying rubber sole and the conducted laces that connect the sole to the earth to the lace and from the lace to your body.

earthrunner alpha grounded shoes



  • 12 mm Vibram sole (0.47 inch)
  • Sizes men: 4 to 13
  • Ladies: 6 to 15
  • Weighs about 5.2 Oz
  • Wicking un-dyed hemp foot bed
  • <<== Click on the picture for the price

The Alpha model has the thickest sole in the minimalist footwear series and in my opinion this a great model to get started and still have the comfort of a “regular” thick sole you are used to.

The total sole thickness is 12mm and is made up from the 10mm thick base and the 2mm thick undyed hemp foot-bed

earthrunner Circadian grounding sandals



  • 9 mm Vibram sole (0.35 inch)
  • Wicking undyed hemp footbed
  • Sizes men: 4 to 13
  • Weighs about 5.9 Oz
  • Ladies: 6 to 15
  • <<== Click on the picture for the price

The sole is built up from the 7.5 mm base and the 1.5 mm foot bed made of the not dyed Hemp.
The Circadian is the model with the highest ratings and I think also the most sold.

earthrunner elemental grounding footwear



  • 8 mm Vibram sole (0.31 inch)
  • Sizes men: 4 to 13
  • Ladies: 6 to 15
  • Thinnest sole
  • <<== Click on the picture for the price

The sole of the Elemental is made of the 6.5 mm base and the a.5 mm threaded bedding.

Lace colors of the Alpha, Circadian and Elemental earthrunner

  • Black nylon lace and black trim
  • Red nylon lace and grey trim
  • Black nylon lace and brown trim
  • Yellow nylon and grey trim
  • Undyed Hemp and Khaki trim

The conductive lace is threaded up the total length of the lace to improve the contact surface.

They also have a large selection of grounding shoes for children. Do not let the name fool you. This footwear can be used for everything. From running a marathon to a walk in the park and hiking.

If you like to see what they have in their store you can click on this link to see their selection of what most people call earthrunner sandals.

Earthing shoes Amazon

In my search for natural earth shoes, I found that most of them are sold online and then of course Amazon is the place where I found most of them. However, I did not find any real earthing shoes like the earthrunner brand.

What came the closest are the leather sole moccasins and like I wrote they do work after a while and absorbing moisture. Here are the best brands I found

All leather moccasins

This is the second best option for being grounded while walking. There are a few brand that have been around for a long time and for whom I found some great customer reviews.

Minnetonka moccasins

The moccasins are available for men and woman and there are many styles available.

For woman there most popular model is the Thunderbird leather sole moccasin

There are 6 colors and they have an average of 4.5 star ratings.

The woman s Thunderbird is made of leather and comes with leather sole. The low heel only measure 0.5 of an inch this makes is very comfortable to wear with or without socks.
Click on the picture to read all the almost 500 reviews

For men the most popular model is the Double Deerskin Softsole Moccasin

Reviews of the Minnetonk mens shoes

The Minnetonka double deerskin is one of the top sellers in men’s moccasins with leather soles and are very descent priced.
Click on the picture to read all the reviews.

More Minnetonka Shoes

Minnetonka has many different models and type of shoes available. Not all are grounded shoes however. You can have a look at all of them here and select the leather sole option or one of the other options like sandals, dressed shoes, weekend shoes.
Click here to find all the Minnetonka shoes on Amazon.

My take on grounding shoes

Like I stated at the beginning of this post it is not easy to find a good pair of grounding and or earthing shoes. The leather soles under many shoes offer the best thing after the earthrunner shoes we had a look at. They just have to be worn in and get a little moisture in them to connect us to the earth.

Finding a pair of fashionable earthing and grounding shoes is even more complicated. There is simply not much choice. There are more and more people who are shifting to the leather soled moccasins and I think they look nice.

What I think about earthing and grounding shoes

I think that there are real earthing and grounding shoes, but they are not very fashionable in most cases. Finding them is even harder to do. The Earth runners we looked at in this post are probably the best option to go for if you really want to use some type or earthing and grounding shoes.

Every type of shoes we wrote about are probably better than a regular pair of shoes most people wear. These have plastic or rubber soles and they insulated us completely from having any contact with the earth.

If you have any suggestions about grounding shoes leave it in the comment to help other readers in their search for this great product to boos our health.


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