Glass Milk Bottles

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Glass Milk BottlesGlass milk bottles can be use for a lot more things than just put milk in it.
If you have been reading some of the post on this website you probably know I am not crazy about using plastic for drinking or anything else.
Slowly me and my wife are replacing all types of plastic from our house and replace it with other materials like glass and stainless steel for cooking.
We make our own kombucha and of course use glass gallon jugs for that. After the fermentation I pour it in glass jars, but I am thinking of using glass milk bottles in the future since they are slimmer, and not use to much space in the refrigerator.
Reason for me to have a look at them old fashioned milk bottles and see how we can use them to get rid of plastic bottles.

Glass Bottles With Lids

Glass milk bottles with lid

Glass bottles with lids are the most usable kind in my opinion. They can be used to store all your drinks basically and not just milk.

I like the fact that you can reuse them over and over and this also saves on trash and out carbon footprint.

If you do not need to many glass bottles with lids this one is the best since it is a two-pack.

The lids are of the snap on type and although made of plastic they are BPA free and if they do not touch the liquid there should be no problem.

We just clean ours in the dishwasher and after that rinse them out before using them again.



Glass Bottles For Parties

glass milk bottles for parties

The colored straws that come with these 12 glass bottles turn them into a nice way to present drinks on a party.

These glass bottles come with the screw type lids and colorful straws that make them great for children’s parties.

The wide mouth makes it easy to clean and this can be done in the dishwasher for your convenience.

An extra is that the straws are BPA free and this makes them safer in my opinion.

11 ounce is how much they can hold and that is just big enough for any type of drink.



Glass Bottles With Lids and Straws

glass milk bottles with lids and straws

These glass dairy bottles come with a lid and straw.

This is a pack of 6 and come with a metal screw lid that I prefer over the plastic ones above. Although BPA free I still like the metal ones better.

Like to other ones that bottles are dishwasher safe.

The recommendation for the lids and staws is to hand wash them.

With the content also being 10.5 ounces they are having the same size as most of them on this page.



Glass Bottles With Pour Spout

glass milk bottle with pour spout

Although a regular glass jar is easy to use sometimes it is better to use glass milk bottle with pour spout.

Reason is that pouring with a spout is in most cases easier than with a regular glass bottle.

The manufacturer mentions that this glass bottle is made in America and built to last.

The lid with the pour opening is of the screw on type and this makes it pretty secure.

This glass mason jar is not only decorative but also great to use in many situations besides the kitchen.



Like I mentioned before we start using more and more glass bottles and jars and slowly get rid of all the plastic in our house.
One thing I do is Filter our water and do not use water in plastic bottles.
Not only is this better for the environment since plastic takes for ever to be break it down in nature it is also better for our health.


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