Parasites And How To Get Rid Of Them

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how to get rid of parasites

Have you ever seen the show called monster inside me? That show is about parasite that enter our body and make us sick. You better have a strong stomach if you watch that show. This made me do a little more research on parasite and the diseases they can transfer to us humans.

What is a parasite?

Parasites are organism that live of other organism and need the other organism to survive.
Sometimes they use this host for a short time and sometimes they can live in them for a long time.

There are 3 major types of parasites

  • Protozoa

Microscopic one cell organism that can multiply in humans.

  • Mastigophora

Large multicellular organism. Can be most of the time seen with the naked eyed.
Most people call them worms

  • Ectoparasite

Broadly called blood sucking parasites. Examples are mosquitos, ticks, fleas, lice and mites.

We, here in the United States, are not used to parasite and mainly think that bacterial infections make us sick. Most people think that parasites only are in third world countries and can be brought home from an exotic vacation. The centers for disease control and prevention

There are however millions of Americans that develop a parasitic infection. Most of the time they get unnoticed or the doctors think it is something else. They can be treated and even be prevented

One of the most known parasites is the human tapeworm.
This can come into our body from cow or pig meat that is not properly cooked.

There are according to the website of the centers for disease control and prevention 4 infections caused by parasites that are neglected and need more awareness. These 5 infections are:

    • Chagas disease
    • Cysticercosis
    • Toxocariasis
    • Toxoplasmosis

Chagas disease

Caused by a parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi and people get infected by infected bugs
Can be found anywhere in the world. Mostly in Central America, South America and parts of Mexico.
The acute phase is mostly unnoticed because of the mild symptoms like fever, fatigue, body aches and other minor complaints.


Caused by the larva of the tapeworm and people swallow eggs from the tapeworm.
Like mentioned before this tapeworm is known all over the world.


Also known as roundworm and is transmitted from animals to humans.
Dogs and cats can have them in their intestines.
About 18% of the US population had antibodies for this parasite. That still means that millions of Americans can get sick from it
Young children are more likely to get Toxocariasis because there contact with animals and dirt that can contain feces of dogs and cats.


This is considered one of the leading causes of death attributed to food-borne illness in the USA.
Over 60 million Americans probably carry the toxoplasma parasite with them.
The immune system most of the time will keep the parasite under control.
Can be caused by eating under-cooked contaminated food. Mostly lamb, pork and venison. Can also be caused by drinking contaminated water.
Symptoms are like having the flu, but can get worse.

Treatment of Parasites

Many doctors will not treat a parasitic infection until the symptoms are serious.
The drugs are most of the time very toxic and can have serious side effects. The medication is however most of the time very effective.

Herbal medication

herba;l medicine for parasites

There are herbs that are known to have an anti-parasitic activity and can help prevent or cure a parasite infection.
Garlic and Black walnut are two of the most known products known for this.
Others are: Cloves, Thyme and Oil or Oregano.
I will tell you more about these natural ways to get rid of a parasite infection in another article.

Don’t wait to contact your doctor if you have symptoms described here and think you might have a parasite infection since the results can be very bad.


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