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Fonio grain - facts and where to buy Fonio.

Before getting into the nutritional values of Fonio grain we have to answer some questions first.

What is Fonio?

Fonio is like a kind of millet with a nutty flavor comparable to Quinoa. It can be considered a cross between Quinoa and Couscous if you look at how it looks and the texture. It can be used in salads and stews. It can also be ground into flour and used to bake bread. We will give you all the facts and where to buy Fonio.

It come originally from West Africa. Mainly from the Senegal region and it have been eating there for thousands of years and it is even found in the Egyptian Pyramids.

Table of Contents

Nutritional values of Fonio / How do you cook Fonio? / Fonio for breakfast / Fonio as a side dish / Fonio Bread / Where to buy Fonio

Nutritional values of Fonio

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There are a number of pros to use Fonio and here are the 3 most important ones.

  • Gluten free grain
  • Contains Cystine amino acid
  • Contains Methionine amino acid

The two amino acids Cystine and Methionine that are not found in regular wheat makes Fonio the perfect source to bake bread.
It can be eaten without any problems with people who have:

  • Diabetes
  • Gluten intolerant
  • Celiac disease

If you add up all the pros of this new superfood it is also great for juice cleansing diets and it has a high content of plant based protein. The high content of iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Manganese adds to the many health benefits of this in popularity gaining new grain. This makes Fonio very well fitting in a Paleo diet.

How do you cook Fonio?

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Fonio is traditionally used as a breakfast cereal. I can also be used in salads, stews and or as a side dish.

Fonio for breakfast

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For using at breakfast to prepare Fonio cereal all you have to do is take 1 cup raw Fonio and 6 cups of water. You can add honey or your preferred sweetener if you like, but this is optional.

In a sauce pan boil the water and turn it down. Slowly add the Fonio and keep stirring to make sure there are no clumps. After this you can put it in a bowl and add your sweetener and it is ready to eat.

Fonio as a side dish

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1 cup Fonio and 2 cups water
Brown the Fonio over medium heat in skillet. (I prefer a cast iron). Add the water slowly and keep stirring. Let is sit for about 10 minutes and after that fluff it up with a fork. By preparing it like this you can use it to substitute any other grain in a recipe.

Fonio Bread

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Fonio flour can be used to bake bread with all the pros I mentioned above. I was not able to find a video but here is a link to recipe for Fonio banana bread I found.

Where to buy Fonio

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Fonio is not really available in stores yet although whole food will start selling it. Whole foods is however most of the time located in larger cities and mostly in the northern part of the US.
This means that the best option is to buy Fonio online for now.
We have found some good deals and brands for you. It is not easy to find a high number of customer reviews since the Fonio grains are fairly new on the market.

Atacora Raw Fonio

Fair trade raw Fonio

This Fonio comes from one of the companies I found that use a fair trade policy.

I found reviews from 13 people and they gave it an average of a 4.5 stars. The lower rating mentioned it did not look like a tiny grain and she or he did not really liked the texture.

This Fonio is pre-rinsed and basically ready to use.
Click here to see the price.

Gatom’s Fonio

Gatom non GMO Fonio

This brand might be a little higher in price but the customers who bought it are very pleased with the taste and quality.
The cooking instructions are on the package and that makes it easy to have a starring point and add your own little tweaks to it.

One of the things is that this is a non GMO grain but I guess all of these Fonio grains are.

You can find the price here.

Shipetaukin Fonio

shipetaukin raw gluten free fonio

Shipetaukin is a brand that is specialized in foreign grains and they also have their raw Fonio.
Not too many reviews again, but the ones I found are giving an average of 4.6 stars and all from real buyers and people who cooked and ate the Fonio.

This Fonio is pre-washed and ready to use.

Find the price here.


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