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Earthing and grounding products and information to help us get the health benefits of the earth electricity.

Leather Sole Shoes Benefits

TweetPinShare11 Shares Leather soles for shoes are back on the rise. Many people realize slowly that the user of rubber of plastic soles are not the best for shoes and that there are a lot of leather sole shoes benefits.…

Tylson Earthing products

Tylson earthing pillow case

TweetPinShare0 SharesIn my earthing and grounding research I stumbled upon a small company called Tylson earthing products. My initial thought was that this was just an other company that jumped on the band wagon and was trying to sell earthing…

Earthing Products

earthing products

The most used earthing products are earthing mats, earthing sheets and earthing shoes and you can read all about the health benefits of all them here.

Earthing Sheet Review

Our earthing sheet review looks at grounding sheets for bed in half sheets, queen size and king size. A grounding mat for sleeping got some great benefits.