Earthing and grounding products and information to help us get the health benefits of the earth electricity.

Groundmate Grounding mat

This my review of the Groundmate grounding mat. This earthing mat can be used in many different ways and can have a positive impact on your health.

earthing and shoes

What Is The Problem With Shoes?

What is the problem with shoes? They disconnect us from the electricity in the earth. Re-connecting might help with healing a lot of common health issues.

Earthing And Grounding Mat Reviews

In Our EARTHING AND GROUNDING MAT REVIEWS We Looked At The 4 Best Earthing Mats We Could find. We Did This To Help You Find The EARTHING PRODUCTS You Need.

Earthing and Grounding shoes

You can find all the information about earthing and grounding shoes here. There are more and more companies that jump on the bandwagon and claim they have grounded footwear in their store. Let us have a look at some things that determine if it can even be called that. Shoes can be used as an …

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