Earthing Sheet Review

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Earthing Sheet ReviewsI have been doing earthing for a while now and feel some great benefits and improvements.
I have always been a little hyper, especially after my morning coffee that I maybe over-do but I love it.
I spend many hours at my desk and have an earthing mat underneath it for a couple of months now and I can only say that it works for me.
I feel that my concentration has improved and I feel calmer while working and to be honest even my sleep improved.
That made me think about putting more grounding products in my life and the next logical step is to have an earthing sheet review or like people also call it a grounding mat for sleeping.

There are a few options for an earthing or grounding sheet and they depend on your bed size.


  • The half sheet earthing mat
  • You sleep on this most of the time at the height of your shoulders to your hips.

  • Full size earthing sheet in twin, queen or king size
  • This covers the whole bed just like a regular sheet.

Earthing half sheet

Earthing sheet half size sheet
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This grounding half sheet also measures 120 x 36 inches. That is 9 x 3 foot. Large enough to cover a king-size bedside to side and if you sleep alone you can place it lengthwise on your bed and have full body contact and earthing benefits.
Direct contact with the skin is the most effective but I read a comment from a lady that sleeps in very thin pajamas and she still feels that it works.
Tip: do not use detergent to wash this sheet I read. The oil in the soap effects the grounding of the silver threads. There are even people who only do a hand wash.

Earthing Sheet Twin

Earthing sheet twin size sheet
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Cotton,Twin size, Cord length 15 feet, Outlet checker, User guide.

Earthing Sheet Queen size Kit

Earthing sheet queen size sheet
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This is the best earthing sheets in queen size I could find for right now.
The cord to connect the sheet to the outlet is 15 feet long and that is in most cases more than enough. This product also comes with an outlet checker to make sure that your outlet is grounded and grounded the right way. Made of 100 Cotton. Would be nice if this was organic, but maybe they change that in the future.
Washing is again advised to do with a very mild detergent and no bleach. Drying in the air is better than using a dryer.

Earthing sheet king size

Earthing sheet king size sweet
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This earthing sheet is the same as the Queen but larger to fit your king-size bed.
Although it says XL sheet this means king size.
I have found no differences in the options or remarks users made about the bed grounding abilities of this product.
The washing advice is the same and it seems that there are earthing sheets that get ruined by washing it the wrong way.

Tylson earthing sheet

Recently I stumbled upon the Tylson earthing products and had a look at their products. I did review their earthing sheet and will add it to this page. You can have a look at it by clicking on the link for now.
Update: These sheets are no longer available.

Q and A about earthing sheets

Q: Why use an earthing or grounding sheet.
The use of an earthing sheet will ensure as many hours of earthing as you spend in your bed without having to think about it. Whether you are sleeping, watching TV or reading you get the full benefits of earthing.

Q: Do I need a full sheet or can I use a half sheet.
This is a personal preference. If you sleep alone a half sheet in the length of the bed might do for you. In a Queen or king-size you can use it in the width and get all the benefits. There is no right or wrong.

Q: Does earthing works for everyone
My answer is yes. Although there are people who claim they do not feel any difference. I think it still works somewhere in their body without them realizing it.

Q: How long does it take to have effect.
This is hard to answer. Some people feel instant relief and it took me a couple of times of using my earthing mat to feel a difference.

Q: Are there earthing sheet side effects
No, there are no side effects. Just compare it to walking bare feet outside. That has the same side effects. None whatsoever. You just sleep on it like on any other sheet and will have all the benefits of earthing while you sleep.

Q:Do earthing or grounding sheets work
Yes, they do work but like I mention below some people have expectations that might not be realistic

Q: What is the best earthing sheet
I can not answer this question. It all depends on your specific situation. I think that more contact surface will increase the effect of a grounding sheet.

Expectations people have about earthing sheets

grounding sheet reviewsMany people only look at the fact if they sleep better or not but that is not the only purpose of an earthing sheet on your bed.

There are many processes going on in your body day and night and although you might not see an improvement in your sleep it will affect all other organs and processes in your body.

Because it is on your bed does not mean that is will or shall improve your sleep, but it will improve other things.

I read from people who slept great before using any earthing products but the earthing sheet made them sleep even better because they were not bothered by restless leg syndrome.

The DIY earthing mat under my desk, as an example, does not make my typing better of faster but improves my focusing.


2 thoughts on “Earthing Sheet Review”

  1. Thank you for this review, it’s very helpful! I was hoping the Q&A section would have something about hygiene as in how do you clean it? Can you put a normal thin fitted sheet over it and have it still work? I would love to invest in one but I am concerned about the fact you have to sleep on it with direct skin contact. Are they as soft / comfortable as bed sheets? Are they easy to clean? Thanks in advance for your response!

    1. Katherine,
      Sorry, it took me a while to find an answer, but there was a lot going on here.
      I found a nice page that gives tips on how to wash your earthing sheet.

      You can not put a normal sheet over it first. This will eliminate the skin contact you have to make for the earthing to work.
      I believe that they are just as comfortable to sleep on as a regular sheet. Maybe some readers can help us out?

      If you decide to buy one let us know about your experience here, please.

      Stay healthy and safe.


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