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earthing products

Before I can start talking about the available earthing products I have to maybe tell about what earthing is.

Especially if this is the first time you hear about it and would like to explore the health benefits of earthing and grounding products

Here is the definition of earthing.
Earthing is nothing more than let your body make contact with the bare earth and benefit of the earth’s natural energy like our ancestors did for centuries.

We have lost contact with the earth since we have shifted our footwear to plastic and rubber soles instead of the leather we use to wear for many centuries.

This isolates us from the electric charge of the earth and this is not good for our body.

You can read my post on earthing and grounding facts and benefits here.
Just like sunlight is good for us earthing is good for and the nice thing about it that it is free and you do not need a doctor to give you a prescription for it.

What earthing products are the best to use

Earthing products are also called grounding products and although the best way to receive all the health benefits from earthing is to walk barefoot this is not always an option in our daily lives.

You could try to do it every day for as long as you can by just sitting outside and take your shoes and socks off and let your feet touch the ground. Best is, of course, walking in grass or sand for the best contact, but even on your concrete patio, you will benefit from earthing.

Depending on your life and job there are products available that can help you stay in touch with the earth without having to take your shoes and socks off and walk outside.
Here is a list of earthing or grounding products I use or will use in the future.

Earthing mat

An earthing mat is one of the easiest to use grounding products in my opinion.

You can use one on top of your desk and let your hands rest on it while working. Put it under your keyboard and you will be touching it a lot throughout the day at work.

You can use it like I do, under your desk and take your shoes off and let your feet rest on it while working.
There is nothing strange in taking your shoes off at work and I have seen many people do it.
Benefits are that your feet are the best earthing surface according to researchers.

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Earthing sheets

Earthing sheets are used on your bed and this will let you be connected to the earth while sleeping.
Some people prefer this so they do not have to do anything in the daytime and still enjoy a good night sleep while do what is called earthing.

The sheets come with an earthing cable that you connect to your regular grounded outlet.
There is no connection to the electric prongs but just to the ground prong in the outlet.

There are two earthing sheets available and it is merely a personal preference what to use.

Earthing half sheet

This one is spread out on your bed from side to side and is best used at the height where your hips are for the best contact.

Earthing full sheet

These come in several sizes like twin, queen and king size.
They are to replace your normal sheet and will give the best contact from your body to your earthing sheet.
You can read our whole earthing sheet review here on this post

Earthing shoes

Some people think that earthing footwear is something new but it is actually very old.
There are Native American tribes that have used them and even in the time of the Romans in Europe they had earthing shoes.

Earthing shoes or grounding footwear, most of the time have a copper wire connected to the sole of the shoe to ensure contact with the earth and your foot.

There are of course two types of earthing shoes.

Men’s earthing shoes

Men are basically heavier than a woman and walk differently. A man also runs most of the time different than a woman does.

In the meantime, I already found that Earthrunner shoes are the top of the line. You can check them out here or look at the men’s earthing shoe review that is I wrote on another page.

you can click on the picture to see more men’s earthing shoes.

Woman’s earthing shoes

Woman are more into fashionable shoes than men are in general and that is why there is more choice in woman’s shoes that are grounded.
That is why there is most of the time a variety available like for example earthing moccasins.
You can check them out here or just like for the men’s shoes wait for my woman’s earthing shoe reviews.

You can click on the picture to see more woman’s earthing shoes.

More about earthing products

With these in my opinion best earthing products, you can stay connected to the earth and enjoy all the health benefits of earthing and grounding.


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