Earthing And Grounding Mat Reviews

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earthing and grounding mat reviewsIn our earthing and grounding mat reviews we found that the use of grounding and earthing products is a fairly new phenomena in the alternative health but has proven already to be very successful, affordable and easy to use.

That is why many people look for products like earthing product reviews to improve their overall health.
That is the reason I decided to have a look at the earthing and grounding basics in general and do the earthing and grounding mat reviews, in particular, to see if there is a brand or model that performs better than another.

The reviews I did are far from complete and although I tried to dig as deep as I could I still advise you to do your own research before purchasing any of the mats I reviewed to help you find the best grounding mat.

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1. Ground smart earthing mat from ground smart earthing
2. Dr. Mercola grounding mat
3. Universal earthing mat from Earthing
4. ground smart earthing mat from Moove
5. Our opinion about the earthing and grounding mat

Read al our earthing and grounding mat reviews

I have found four earthing mats that are available online and all are in about the same price range to make the comparison a little even. Since I received a lot of grounding mat benefits by using mine, I thought this was the best way to start.

Ground smart earthing mat from ground smart earthing

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ground smart earthing mat reviews

Why this company made it not a little easier to find their product information I donโ€™t understand, but with 4.8 ratings I had a better look at it.

What I noticed first is that most of the reviews are not from verified buyers and that always make me watch a little better what people write.
With almost all reviews that were not from verified buyers giving it a 5-star rating, I am a little worried about the value I have to give to these reviews.


Here are the specs we found after digging around

  • 68 x 25 cm. This is about 26 x 10 inch)
  • Rubber at the bottom to keep it in place
  • Soft top for comfort
  • Cable plugs in a standard outlet

Customer reviews of the Ground smart earthing mat silver technology

I only looked at the reviews from people who actually bought this earthing mat since I always have my doubts about the people who receive a free product to write a review.
The average of the other reviews still gave it an average of 4.1 and I have to mention that one person gave it a 1 star because he found just like me, that most reviews were not from verified buyers and he or she though the mat smelled bad.
One other mentioned it did not work for him and it was too small, that is why he gave it a low rating.

Our opinion

It is not easy to give this earthing product good or bad buying advice. Most of the verified buyers are pretty happy with it and mentioned it works well.

This mat is made of a micro silver conductive threat. Sound nice, but all silver threat is conductive.
No complaints about the surface of the mat and the rubber bottom probably keep it in place under a desk or under a keyboard or laptop very well.

The size of the mat is about the standard size that most other manufacturers use although someone mentioned it was too small, I do not see why.

The company claims you can also use it as an earthing sheet and sleep on it with your feet. They say it turns it into an earthing mattress.
I believe it is better to buy a separate earthing sheet for your bed because of the contact surface. If you move your feet away from the earthing mat on your bed the effect is gone. But that is just a personal opinion.
The cleaning can be done with just a damp cloth and some hand sanitizer according to one of the answered questions.

See the price on Amazon

Earthing Universal Mat With Cover Kit from Dr. Mercola

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Dr. Mercola grounding mat reviews

Dr. Mercola is well known for the health products and this Mercola grounding mat received a 4.2-star rating from over 265 buyers in our earthing universal mat review. The mat is the standard size and comes with a conductive cover. We will have a better look at that and all the other components.

what comes in the kit

  • Earthing mat 10×27 inch (25×69 cm)
  • 15 foot earthing cord (4.57 meter)
  • Mat cover
  • Outlet checker
  • Instruction card

Customer reviews of the universal earthing mat by Dr. Mercola

I found a lot more verified purchase here and that makes it easier for me to form a more reliable opinion about the earthing mat from Dr. Mercola.

With over 10% giving it a 1-star rating I looked at those first and found that most of them found no benefits in earthing and that is the reason they gave it a 1-star rating.

The 2-star raters were not much different and most of them also claimed no benefits and a few complaints about the smell the mat gave of when the box was opened. A strong oily smell and they wondered why it was made of a rubbery material.

The 3-star ratings were more about the quality of the mat itself and that does not less to long and break down too fast.

The 4 and 5 stars are of course buyers of this product that felt the benefits and had great experiences with it, although still, a few mentioned the quality is a little low. I have to mention that a lot of the people who mentioned the quality also used it in the bed and like I wrote before I think it is better to buy an earthing sheet for that purpose since it is made for your bed.

Our opinion about the Earthing Universal Mat

Although this product is offered by Dr. Mercola that does not automatically mean that is better and I think that the reviews show that. It is just that people buy faster from a respected source.

The outlet checker is a very good thing for if you have no multimeter or have no idea on how to check if your outlet is earthed or even earthed right.

Overall this earthing mat seems to work well and again we see people who use it in their bed complaining more about the quality of the product. In my opinion, this is good for under a keyboard, laptop or under the desk with your feet on it and not too much for use in the bed.

See the price on Amazon

Universal earthing mat from Earthing

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universal earthing and grounding mat form earthing dot com
This product contains 2 earthing mats, two wires an outlet checker and a users guide.
All the product remarks were from verified purchasers and this makes the ratings a little better reliable.
The description was a little vague again and no too much information about the product itself.
There were not so many reviews so it is hard to give a full review and our opinion because it is only based on a handful of remarks.

Customer reviews of the universal earthing mat by earthing

Like I mentioned there were only a few (14) verified buyers that wrote a review about this earthing mat.
1 wrote that he did not like the smell and that is something we read about other earthing mats also.
Maybe a warning for people who are sensitive to the smell of oil, chemical products.
Most ratings were 3,4 and 5 stars and again the lower rating was from people who did not feel any difference and doubted the benefits of earthing in general.
The higher ratings were, of course, happy with the product and recommended it.

Our opinion about the Universal earthing mat from Earthing

It is not easy to form an opinion based on just a few raters and buyers.
This mat seems to me it is very similar to all the others we looked at and the only nice thing is that you get two instead of one. You could use one under your desk and another one under your keyboard or laptop.

Some remarks about the quality just like the other brands and the thickness of the used materials.

See the price on Amazon

ground smart earthing mat from Moove

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earthing mat with storage bag review
This is a nice earthing mat package. It comes with an earthing mat, a grounding plug, and a wrist band to make it possible to use it without resting your bare feet on the mat. The whole earthing mat and wires can be stored in a nice storage case.

Customer reviews of the ground smart earthing mat

Many verified buyers and that makes it, in my opinion, more reliable and trustworthy to use these opinions from real users to base our opinion on.
The lower rating was again mostly from people who did not feel any benefits of the earthing principle and a few complaints about the quality.

Customer reviews of the ground smart earth mat by Moove

With 86% of the buyers rating this earthing mat with 3,4 or 5 stars we had to take a look at all these ratings.
The lower ratings again about not feeling any benefits and the higher mentioning it is a great product.

The wrist strap was mentioned several times as very comfortable and appreciated for making it able to stay grounded without having to use the mat with bare feet.

Our opinion about the smart earthing mat silver

This mat has the nice advantage that comes with a storage case that makes it easier to take the mat with you while traveling or back and forth to your office and home.
The ratings are pretty good and from a lot of people who actually bought this earthing mat.

The seller is very active to answer any questions about his product and that is something you do not see too much online.

The high number of 3,4 and 5-star ratings tells me that this is a decent product and although the lower ratings mention it is not working, there are more factors than just the earthing mat to decide if it works in the long run.

See the price on Amazon

Our overall opinion about our earthing and grounding mat reviews

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This is my personal opinion and not based on any research.
I think that an earthing mat is best used on or under a desk on the floor while doing something else.
The use in a bed is in my opinion possible if you do not move too much during the night and have as much skin as possible exposed to the mat. Some people look for earthing mattress reviews and we recommend to look at grounding sheets reviews we did. I recommend buying grounding products online since I have not found many in regular stores.

I believe that an earthing sheet is the best choice for sleeping since it is made for a bed and is a lot bigger than the standard 26 x 10 inches. We did a grounding sheet reviews to help you with this earthing product.

But you can read my full earthing sheets review here to see what my opinion is.

In these earthing mats for sleeping, I will review and have a look at the available sheets for earthing while sleeping and the earthing sheet side effects, since this seems to be the most effective way for most people

The people who mentioned that it was not improving have complaints maybe have an underlying problem that needs more medical attention. There is too much research done that proofs the health benefits of earthing with facts and that they are not fiction as you can read in our earthing reviews.

for the earthing mat DIY people I wrote a post on how to make your own earthing mat and the materials, you need for that.

The overall quality of earthing mat in combination with their sleep experience is very positive for most people and there are many claims about better sleep and less tossing and turning.

I read something about sleeping with an earthing wrist strap, but I think when you sleep a little restless this will not work and you might get tangled up in it. One of the grounding pads for health is, in my opinion, a better option. This also answers the question do earthing sheets work I think. I know it works for me and I think it is important to find the best earthing mat.


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15 thoughts on “Earthing And Grounding Mat Reviews”

  1. Valerie S Richardson

    I ordered this product from their website in December, I was charged for it, received an email that the order was confirmed and have never received the mat. There is no contact phone nor an address for this company, only an email. I have sent NUMEROUS emails and they never respond. THIS IS A SCAM, do not buy from this Ground Smart nor Total loss of money, had to file a fraud report with my bank.

    1. Valerie,
      On this page I do not promote any products from these companies I only review them.
      I suggest to buy from Amazon since you can always send the product back and get a refund.
      Thank you for the warning.

  2. I have had my grounding mat for about a month. I have arthritis in both knees and there were days my whole body hurt. My knees are much better, have more energy, and do not ache like before. I definitely have noticed a difference. I have it on the floor where I sit, so use it consistently.

    1. Cynthia,
      Thank you for sharing your experience.
      I use mine about every day and I am really convinced that earthing is one of the easiest ways to improve your health.


  3. I bought an earthing sheet and two mats last year. I believe it was after reading your reviews. I love the sheet, but I haven’t used the mats much as I have a kitty who wanted to sharpen her claws on them. I’m curious about the one that is on the table with the computer. How does that work? There’s not very much room for wrists or arms to make contact. Does it ground you through the computer? My sheet says you have to make contact with bare skin with no lotions, etc.

    1. Lindy,
      At this moment I use the Earth and Moon grounding mat under my desk.
      You can find it here on Amazon.
      For a long time, I used my homemade mat, and to be honest they both worked well.
      The one from the store just look a lot nicer ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I have been looking into grounding/earthing mats and sheets. All of these items are made in China and sold by companies in the US and the UK (probably globally). I scrutinised what was available on Amazon and found they all looked similar. I contacted companies in the UK who were selling these but were not disclosing where they were made. They did come back to confirm that they were made for them in China. So there you have it! Not much point in reviewing individual mats or sheets because they all originate in China and are probably made by the same manufacturer. The cost of these items – especially the sheets, is very high: more than ยฃ100 in the UK. What I am want to know is this: given that these things probably cost very little to manufacture in China, why are we being charged these astronomical prices? I think I will be making my own – it’s not rocket science.

  5. I got a smaller mat. When I got it (from Amazon) there is no instructions. Maybe the maker thinks it’s apparent how to use it. Not for me. Which side is up on the mat? I can use the wrist band when I sleep. Is a wrist ban as good to use as the mat. I wanted to try a smaller mat to see if I think its worth it to purchase a sheet.

    If I get one for my bed would I need to sleep directly on the mat with clothes off?

    My small mat has no cover. I am confused about how to use this product.

    1. Kathy,
      Most mats do not have an up or down side to the best of my knowledge.
      A wrist band will work. However, the more skin contact you have to better it works is my experience.
      Yes, you have to sleep directly on the mat. We put ours at the end of the best so our feet are on it.
      In my experience, it moves less than.
      Hope this helps.

    1. Barbarq,
      To be honest, I have no idea.
      Maybe I can contact the manufacturer to find the answer.
      See if I can find the time to do that ๐Ÿ™‚

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